HELP! Anyone who knows what to do about spyware?

What does my "Spybot Search and Destroy" program mean when it pops up and says it has detected a registery change? It then asks me to deny the change or allow it, what should be done and are these registery changes harmful?

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    Its simple really.

    If YOU did something or installed a program that updated your system...ALLOW the registry changes.

    If you're minding your own business and not installing a program or changing anything and that message pops up...DENY the registry changes.

    Registry should NOT change unless YOU cause something to happen.

    Without knowing exactly what caused the changes, cant say if it hurts or not, but if you follow the general rule above...won't go wrong.

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    1 decade ago

    It is normally due to a program installing or updating. To do this, it may make changes to the registry, which controls settings for most of your pc; obviously this can be dangerous if the program is a virus or spyware. It is most commonly shown when a program is trying to set itself to start when you start your computer. If you are installing legit software, or updating it, it is safe to allow.

    To turn the warnings off, Spybot has an option to disable 'TeaTimer' in the advanced bit somewhere.

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    Hi, The spyware is a software program that sits in to your system and it acts later. It will collect the informations such as visited sites, password informations and etc., it will take the partial control of your system without the user permission(yours).

    So first install any Antivirus Software on your PC, then update the virus definition and scan for virusus and spyware.

    Hope this will be helpful.

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    No not always, read what registry change is gonna happen to make that decision. Sometimes you have to allow them.

    For example, if you have just installed an app, then you can expect registry changes to occur, during for example, the installation process. Allow these, as these will then be trained into the SB system as valid.

    If you are surfing the web and this happens, then block !

    These tools are techie, but allow you to control tighter security so that malware cannot use the registry without your consent.

    Thumbs down??? for what??? wt...

    Watch out people who answer this!!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes, if you are installing an application or modifying files then you can allow it if just pops up randomly deny it.

    Spyware tends to modify registry keys to change your homepage and other stuff.

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    Its rediculous scaremongering like this that makes me hate programs like this.

    Its fine. just allow them.

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