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What makes someone an Honourable/humble leader?

When presidential candidates makes stories up, does that make old christians tick and proud to vote for such candidate?

When presidential candidates vote for war that kills innocent people, a war that all wise people kicked against, does that make old christiams tick and proud to make them vote for such candidates?

Do old christian member of the society value dishonesty?

Where is the religion in some American voters?

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    I live in a senior high rise, with 155 other seniors. About 30 to 50 of these people sit in the lobby and gossip about their neighbors everyday, but Sunday. That's the day of rest, until 5pm that is then they talk about everyone at the church today.

    I wondered how they would vote in the 2nd Bush election after all the screw ups he made.

    Before I even asked I saw a small book printed by the church, I picked it up and read . How to Vote was the title You can guess the rest. These people don't even watch the news. They don't even know what is going on in this world. They just do what the church says. Like they are hypnotized. Elderly should have to take a competency quiz before being allowed to vote.

    Teenagers are not allowed to vote and I would bet my life savings they know at least who is running. More than some old people know. They simply believe they are the model of christian living, and they are right about everything they say and do. CHRISTIANS TICK ME OFF TOO

    If they were asked who they will vote for today 9 out of 10 would look at the person next to them and ask who is running

    you know for OUR party. Of course I mean the republican party, the one the church tells them to vote for.

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    John McCain

    American President


    apparently American English is not your language of use. you and your friends may find this site to be of interest:


    hey Iceman---funny you choose Proust as an avatar---Proust obviously came from a nice, intelligent, creative family---you should look up who they were

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    everyone makes mistakes this current president made lots of mistakes and that is why we need a change which either of the democratic candidate will provide

    John Mccain will more or less will be the same as Bush which will lead our country into further below

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    The honorable and humble leader will have character. They will listen to wisdom and pass it along. In the event their is error in their judgment; they'll own up to and move on. Lastly, they will seek solutions for short and long terms, not just for their legacy.

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    Their humanity, search for peace, like Obama, and unlike Bush/McCain

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