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What was more impressive? Kobe's 81 point game or Wilt's 100 point game?

I haven't been able to decide the answer to this question for some time. Obviously, 100 is more than 81, but one must considered the different eras that both of these were accomplished.

In Wilt's era, there were many more shot attempts per game than in todays game. But today there is a 3-point line (not that Wilt took 3's, but Kobe technically wouldn't have to make as many FGs if he hit a bunch of 3's). Wilt was a dominating center in the years where he was considered a giant. Kobe is one of the best (if not THE best) guards in a league that is beginning to favor speed. Let's hear some thoughts.


Since most of the answers have been for Kobe, I'm gonna give Wilt some love.

Just because Wilt was larger than everyone he played against, didn't mean that playing the post took less energy (and for those of you who don't play basketball, posting up is much more tiring then it looks). What really stands out about Wilt's 100-point game is that he did score 20+ points on FTs. He was a HORRIBLE FT shooter.

However, kudos to those that pointed out that Wilt's teammates tried getting him to 100 points towards the end of the game by fouling the other team and feeding him the ball every play.

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    Wilt added 25 rebounds to his 100 points...

    Wilt's record of 28 free throws made in that game is still the all time record...he was 28 for 32 from the line.

    Whatever anyone wants to say about the 6'11" Imhoff, the fact is, he was only 2 inches shorter than Wilt's 7'1... Who was guarding Kobe in his 81 point game? It's not like Toronto is overloaded with Hall of Famers.... So who was the great defensive stopper that Kobe schooled that night?

    The fact that no one has come close to Wilt's record even WITH the availability of the 3 point shot just shows how impressive the 100 point game was.

    Lakewine, how would you possibly know that Kobe's 81 point game was "more artistic" when there's no footage of the 100 point game?

    Wilt hit several long jump shots in that game... including a couple of his baskets while his score was around 90... long after anyone today would have collapsed from exhaustion.

    Contrary to what a lot of so called fans think, Wilt didn't dunk all that much... he never wanted to be known just as a big guy who could only dunk... he had a deadly turn around jumper when he was younger.

    As far as how athletic today's players are, that may be true, but we keep sending these athletic marvels into international competition and they keep coming home with bronze medals (if they medal at all). And they get their heads handed to them by international teams that play the game exactly the way WE played it back in the 60s...

    When Lebron, "Melo", A.I., Boozer, Howard, Bosh and all those great athletic players come home with a gold medal, then talk to me about how great they are at basketball. But until they beat Greece, they're nothing but an embarrassment to this country... and Tim Duncan was on those teams too, as was Chris Paul...

    btw, I've posted this link before, but here's a story about a guy who, in 1962, gave away tickets to Wilt's 100 point game...and then, 44 years later, as a season ticket holder with the Lakers, he gave away his tickets to Kobe's 81 point game... incredible.


    As far as the Warriors (Wilt's team) fouling the Knicks a lot to try to get the ball back, that works both ways... the Knicks were also fouling other Warriors in order to keep the ball away from Wilt.

    That strategy works both ways folks, you only picked up on half of the equation.

    And as far as his teammates "feeing him" the ball...well, no clue Sherlocks... Kobe didn't have to be fed the ball because he'd bring the ball up and fire away. He didn't have to try to establish position and hope his teammates got him the ball.

    Centers are at the mercy of the guards to get them the ball... any guard can just bring the ball up and shoot it...

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    Ok kobes 81 cuz obviously back in chamberlains days they took way more shots and noone liked defense too much but still 100 in a game is impressive just not as impressive as kobes. Kobes 81 thats even more impressive but he had 3 pointers no 3s in wilt time. An argument is Wilt hung around the basket so he got easier shots and defense wasnt like todays. Kobe scored 81 on mostly jumpers and free throws. Defense nowadays is much better then back thens too. They also kept fouling wilt bout 20 to 25 of his points were fts. So slightly better to me is Kobes 81.

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    They're both very impressive however there may be a slight edge for Kobe's game as most of his shots were jumper after jumper after jumper. Wilt on the other hand was playing centers who were not nearly as athletic, tall, etc. There's also the fact that his team fouled opposition time after time. Kobe also lead his team to a come from behind victory. Yes 100 is a greater # then 81 but if you look beyond just the point total you will find that Kobe's performance was slightly more impressive.

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    Basis of answer. If you made up a team of todays top players, and made up a team of years ago top players who would win? The physical ability of people these days is so much greater than that of times past. So, if all Wilt had to do was stretch out his arm and literally just place the ball in the basket piece of cake. Kobe's position calls for much more skill level than that, playing against guys bigger and taller than him. I would have to say Kobe's 81 point game is definitely more impressive. Any guard/forward would beat any center at a 1 on 1 game of basketball.

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    I would take Kobe's 81. First of all, Kobe is not 8 foot 9. Second, The game plan was to get Wilt the ball. The game plan was not to keep feeding it to Kobe. Third, I saw the Kobe game against the Raptors.

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    Kobe's 81 points is wayyy better than Wilt's 100 points!

    Simply because Kobe scored most of his points outside the paint with better defense compared to Wilt's era!

    Don't give me that reason Torronto Raptors have weak defense because Kobe also scored 62 POINTS IN JUST 3 QUARTERS AGAINST DALLAS MAVS IN THEIR OWN TURF!

    Wilt Chamberlain played midgets and weak defense in his time. He got most of his points by layups and dunks.

    Don't give me that reason there's no 3-points in Wilt's era because I'M 100% SURE WILT WOULDN'T EVEN MAKE 1 3-POINT IF THERE WAS!

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    I wish there had been footage of that game. 100 pts in a game is a remarkable accomplishment, but Kobe's 81 was more artistic, and achieved with a greater offensive repetoire. I'm guessing Wilt dominated overmatched Darrall Imhoff, Dave Budd and whatever poor soul the New York Knicks threw out there.

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    i think that kobes 81 points was much better than wilts reason is that back in the day they did not have a good defence like they do in these days......also agree with you because they did have more attempt per game back in the day but i think kobe was much more impressive.......

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    Kobe's 81 point is harder(it involves shooting, which is a lot harder than wilt's layups and dunks), but wilt's 100 is more impressive.

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    wilts because alot of kobes points came from three pointers wich didnt exist during wilts era

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