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Tell me if I am right or wrong why USA and Israel want war in Lebanon?

USA and Israel have managed to blind the world and distroy total infra structure of Iraq. Now they both want to distroy Syria and Iran with Jewis parented French president and Jewis fisrt lady of Egypt controling the country .

Now most of the resistent fighters of Iraq being put in the holocost. Now the the eyes have turned to Hizbola of Lebanon who may be able to may create problems when USA,Israel,French and British start moving forces or carpet bombing of Syria and Iran. These powers also want to know the ability of Iranian wepons in the hands of Hizbolas. For it is expected Both of those Syria and Iran will use the same wepons and defence forces ability so now Lebanon is going to be used as a testing ground and for finding wepons and armor that will be better then Muslim war machinery.In order to win the crusade war we have to be prepared better.

Does any one know a country where USA has not killed a good leader and replaced him with a dictator.

USA offers democracy as in Iraq


daniel i feel sorry for who ever gave you birth

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    100 % right (Its all a game and there making the people and citizens believe that the arabs are devils. And Iraq was so much better with Sadam, also what power does the new prez in Iraq have (non), hes a chicken.

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    This little speech goes in and out of logic; but I am willing to accept it as a possiblity for the purpose of this discussion.

    Why would the United States and Israel want war in Lebanon right now? The current Lebanese government has been cracking down on Hezbollah and not really letting them have any power.

    A civil war right now in Lebanon could jeapordize that. If Hezbollah is able to get support from one of the other countries outside of Lebanon; they could turn the war in their own favor and take over Lebanon. Then Lebanon sides with Syria and Iran, not the US and Israel.

    You don't start a civil war in a country where the main power is on your side; all it will serve to do is provide your enemy in the country a chance to take over power instead of your ally having the power.

    So I would say no either way. If the US and Israel are guilty of what you say, they won't do anything to countermand their advantage. If the US and Israel aren't guilty of what you say, they simply want peace and will not jeapordize it with war.

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    Israel and the U.S. will want war with anyone who threatens Israel. And lots of people dislike Israel because they believe, and history shows it to be accurate, that the U.S. stole land after WWII to establish the Jewish state. A terrorist campaign was waged by the U.S. and the Jews to form the state of Israel. Today "all" federal level U.S. politicians support Israel because they know that if they don't they will go the way of Paul Findley from Illinois, the republican running against **** Durbin for the U.S. senate in 1980. And that is, they will lose the election because every Jew in their district will vote against them. That's why the senate vote every year for aid to Israel is 100 - 0. It's not because all 100 senators think it such a good idea to dump billions of $s into what is basically a sandpile welfare state, but rather because they know if they don't that's the end of their political career.

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    How did Israel destroy the infrastructure in Iraq?

    How did Israel and America blind the world? Is it because they believe in rule of law, democracy and human rights? Yeah, those awful concepts don't sit well with the despicable cowardly murderous thugs skulking in Lebanon.

    Sorry, but your conspiracy theories have no evidence to back them up.

    Also, in Israel and the USA we don't march down the streets yelling - Death to Iran. In Iran the President rallies people into shouting Death to America- Death to Israel.

    Do you see the difference?

    Oh and one more thing, we follow the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. Syria and Iran don't. The rest of the civilized world follows this treaty but Syria and Iran do not. How is it that we are the bad guys?

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    And because you guys will believe anything your governments tell you, you're destined to live in poverty and ignorance forever. Where, exactly, did you learn all this stuff? Why does life seem to be better in the West? How has a nation like, well, Israel managed to keep its standard of living so high even without oil or other natural resources?

    Has it occurred to you that you're fighting wars over nothing?

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    it extremely is not in all hazard Lebanon vs. Israel. it extremely is Hezbollah vs. Israel. This one little sect interior of a sovereign u . s . desperate to handle an entire different seperate u . s .. it extremely is as though a team of human beings interior the U. S. desperate to attack Canada with unlawful weapons and no authentic association with the U. S. gov't. The Lebanese government ought to be greater assertive and take administration of the terrorist subject interior of their very own u . s .. they might stand to take some instructions from President Bush.

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    You are an idiot. Try leerning how to spel befour worrying about anithing elze.

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