Best way to heat frozen cooked shrimp?

My fiance bought a bag of frozen cooked shrimp. The problem I am having is that since he bought it already cooked when I saute it, it overcooks and gets tough. I like to make it with rice or pasta. I usually let it soak in cold water to defrost before sauteing.

What is the best way to heat it without overcooking?

(since shrimp cooks in no time)


It's not breaded :)

Update 2:

it came from a fish market so there are no directions

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    If it's in a sealed bag, keep it in there and defrost in the refrigerator overnight; if you don't have time to do that, defrost the shrimp IN THE BAG in a colander under cool running water......let them come to room temperature while you're letting your pasta/rice the last minute (maybe not even that long, 30 to 45 seconds should be sufficient) lower the colander with the shrimp in it (out of the bag now, of course) for about 45 seconds......Remove, add the shrimp at the last few seconds of cooking......Usually shrimp that are sold as cooked, are "cooked" to being opaque, so they're cooked, but they can stand another minute or so of heat without them getting tough/rubbery......

    Suggestion: I ALWAYS buy raw shrimp (when I can) and cook them myself.....that way, I know how they were cooked and who cooked them.....Enjoy!!!

    BTW, I recommend cooked shrimp for shrimp cocktails, salad, or other cold or room temp applications.

    And support our American fisheries: BUY WILD CAUGHT SHRIMP: It tastes better and is more sustainable in the end.....


    Source(s): I was professionally trained at Le Cordon Bleu......
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    Try defrosting it in some cool water, which won't take long, then heat the shrimp at the very last minute for a very short time.

    I only bought pre-cooked frozen shrimp once and it was rubbery and terrible, so tell the boy to buy uncooked next time :)

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    I defrost them. Then if I am making like a pasta dish I am adding them to, I make the pasta dish and then add the shrimp. The heat from the pasta and sauce will heat the shrimp. You can also microwave them for a few seconds or run hot water over them.

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    Don't defrost them as they will go mushy.

    Throw into a little boiling water for a few minutes to heat through, and when cool enough to handle, shell and keep warm.

    Return the shells to the water and simmer gently for 10-15 minutes and remove.

    Use the liquid as a base for a sauce return prawns to reheat and toss with the drained pasta or ce.

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    Thaw the shrimp first then throw it into the food you are cooking at the last minute. It already cook so you don't want to cook it long .All you want to do is heat it for 5-7 minutes.

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    I buy them all the time....simply thaw them in water, drain well, remove tails if still on and add to a marinara sauce just before serving over spaghetti. Or, I make a great shrimp salad for summer with them, same as tuna salad with mayo.

  • You missed out on adding a bit of info...

    Is the cooked shrimp breaded or not?

    Cooked un-breaded shrimp is to be eaten cold, in a cold sauce or hot butter.

    Cooked breaded shrimp,,, just nuke them or oven heat.

    There should be instructions located on the back, if it came in a package.

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    thaw it as you normally do and add it in at the last minute, that way it gets hot without it getting chewy or tough

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    Do you have a steamer?? I'd steam them frost free, then add em to the dinner,

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    don't heat it, just add it at the end.

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