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Death Note question? Question for the Death Note Masters!?

How many people in the Death Note Manga/Anime series have a Death Note, besides Light and Misa? IF there are, please tell me who, and what are the differences between their Death Notes? Please answer everything I asked. Thanks! (PLEASE DO NOT SPAM MY THIS QUESTIONS WITH ANSWERS LIKE "It's common sense" or "What a stupid question" or ANY JUNK LIKE THAT. THANKS AHEAD.)

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    There are a total of three Death Notes in the series (I didn't count the Death Notes of other shinigamis who haven't played an important role).

    Ryuk has two Death Notes. One of which is given to Light which was later passed to Rem who passed it to Kyosuke Higuchi of the Yotsuba group. Then it was passed to Mikami and was stolen by Near's team. The other Death Note Ryuk has is shown only in the final episode. Ryuk used it to kill Light because he doesn't want to feel bored for a long time if Light is to go to Prison. Killing Light kinda released him from a sort of bond. (The other Death Note Ryuk has is the one he stolen from the God of Shinigamis).

    And of course the third death Note is Rem's which she gave to Misa.

    All Death Notes are the same. Light only added some fake rules in his Death Note.

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    There is only 2 death notes

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    ~spoiler warning~

    No one else has a death note, there are only 2 real ones. The shinigami have their death note, but it is not mentioned in the anime or manga. But, in the Death Note movie, Light is killed by Ryuk by his Death Note. Mikami uses Light's death note and the one he carries later on is fake.

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    I couldn't really say, I'm going to check rave master out though. I loved Death Note :D

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    Mikami has a Death Note at some point also, right? And the two shinigami...

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    Rem had two when she came to Earth: her own, and the one of the Shinigami who killed himself to protect Misa. Rem game one to Misa and kept the other, which Light later claims upon Rem's death.

    So a total of four Deathnotes come to Earth.

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