i'm thinking about buying a small island in the south carribean..?

How would i go about having it declared its own country.


the ones i'm looking at range in price from just over 300 thou. to just over a million. either way i wouldn't have pretty much anything left.

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    I love the answer above, but its actually quite simple.

    If you plan to buy it, the only real question is how much the country that owns it will be willing to sell it for.

    Need an example?

    If you wanted to buy Lime Cay or the Pedro Cays (smaller islands south of Jamaica), and you were willing to pay the equivalent of ALL of jamaica's national debt (few billion$)....They would sell it to you without hesitation. Hell to be a debt free, they would gladly annouce the existence of this new country - Mexx99 Republic, and would probably help you design the flag and pick national holidays!

    No war required.

    Tip: if you are going to pay cash, carry a national id (from your original country... not the new one) so that they can confirm that you are not a Drug Kingpin and so that the seller can comply with money laundering laws.

    Tip #2: If paying the multi-billion dollar sales figure with a credit card, ensure that its an international card. you wouldnt want it to be declined... that could be embarrassing, ok?

    Source(s): History...Didnt the USA buy Puerto Rico fairly recently??
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    Hahahaha $300 thousand in the southern Caribbean for a whole island???? lol Are you looking for something still underwater?

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    The island you are purchasing will belong to some country, probably Britain or France. You have to send them a formal letter announcing your plans to seperate from their governmental control and become your own.

    Keep in mind, they may disagree and wish to keep you in within their control, at which point you will have to wage a war and win to proclaim yourself a stand-alone country. Seein as your probably and army of one, this may be nigh impossible.

    However, in the slim chance you do win, here's your first congratz.


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    If you buy an island and make it your own country...can you invite me over?!!

    That would be TOTALLY awesome!!! lol.

    Idk anything about this stuff, but I hope end up with your own island.

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  • D.
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    soo...if you use up all your money purchasing the island, how the hell are you going to take care of it? and what are you going to do with it? i think somebody is telling stories here.

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    That sounds to me like one of those "If you have to ask..." situations.

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