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Having Self Esteem issues.?

Back in high school, I always felt I was extremely ugly. Im not the greatest lookin guy tho. Back in high school, I had very low self esteem. I was extremely pale so I would wear tanning cream on my face and forearms. I was really tall and skinny so I use to wear extremely baggy clothes. I looked like an "***" with short hair, so I let it grow out and as gross and it sounds, I had puffy hair, so I let it go without washing for just short of a week. So it was greasy and gross. Now after getting my first public job, I have completely changed. Dressing more preppier, short hair, feeling good. But I still do have some self esteem issues with my looks. One of my co-employees calls me ugly all the time, idk why, he just does. He has self esteem as high as next to Jesus. My other co-employee who's a guy (not gay) would randomly call me cute or sexy once in a great while. And this one girl who I use to like, I was told she thought I was the cutest thing ever.


Oldest half sister always calls me cute all the time. I just feel they just say that so I don't feel so down on myself sometimes. But I work with the public. And I just feel shitty when I see little kids who stare at me and don't know any better. but idk.... here's a pic. You decide?

Update 3:

haha, I really do apperciate the nice words... but those 2 pics are the ones where I think I look decent in.. so idk.

Don't get me wrong, this co-employee, were somewhat friends... but he just likes to joke around?

As for the tanning cream, I stopped using it 2 years ago. I just used it at the end of my sophore throughout my junior year of high school.

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    well, the dude that calls u ugly at work is a moron. he just does that cause he has self esteem issues. Putting othes down to make himself feel better.....efiin loser!

    If the girl u use to like things ur cute, then thats a great sign! cause she doesnt have to say that and shes not ur half-sister who is more obligated to say that!

    Now ur pictures......u have nothing to worry about. Ur a total cutie! A lot of girls (like myself for example) go for that type....i love tall, skinny, cute guys. There is really not a way for me to tell u how to raise ur self esteem. U are good looking and kids that stare---please, kids stare at everything! And u know what? i think its important to be confident in urself. no one would even realize u have a low self esteem. Confidence and personality should help u with a higher self esteem! best of luck hottie! =o)

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    This *** co-worker of yours has NO self esteem.If he did, he wouldnt have to put otheres down to feel better about himself. If you are being called cute by a girl at work, I would say say youre not as bad as you think. We are our own worst critics, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do yourself a favor. Stop worrying about your looks and get to like yourself. If you start nit picking everything about yourself, you will be a basket case. And by the way, it is true that otheres can pick up on low self esteem of others so keep that in mind. Good luck Good Lookin !!!!

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    Your not ugly! Kids stare at everyone, they are learning about people in general. Your co-employees sense that you have a self esteem issue and use that to their advantage. I would just laugh at them if I was you. You are fine and totally normal!! Learn who you are and go out more, don't act shy or give people a clue that you have self esteem issues and soon you will be a whole new you but the same (if that makes sense). Be strong and take care!!!

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    Honestly man, just start working out and getting into shape.

    You may not be a pretty boy, but everyone will respect a sexy body. Plus, you will feel confident with your new muscle because you will know that if anyone ****** with you that you could smash their dick hole.

    Buy some pure creatine from GNC, hit the gym, and in a month you will already feel more confident.

    Also stop with this fake tan stuff..

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    lol your pictures are funny

    but your not ugly.

    I had some self esteem issues before when i was a little kid but when i grew up i started getting more attention and then i just became like this obsessive attention wh0re. I cared too much about how i looked. And that made me cheat on my bf who i love very dearly.

    btw i changed now and im not that way before. I learned that the best way is to just like being yourself. Don't care what people think of how you look. The more you think about it, the more you will turn into an attenion wh0re like how i was. haha

    but don't worry, your not ugly.


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    Things you probably need to know:

    You aren't ugly.

    High School cliques don't know crap so forget anything everyone said to you or about you in HS.

    Most young adults don't know crap either so forget everything they are telling you too.

    Make up your mind that you have your good days and your bad days but mostly you like yourself. Then take that attitude and present it to the world like you believe it (even if it hurts, fake it til you make it).

    What I mean is that people usually see a reflection of one thing or another when they first look at someone. They either see themselves or they see who you want them to see.That guy you work with is an example of someone seeing himself. He's projecting his own insecurities on you. Idiot.

    Anyway If you project confidence, charm, intellect, even kindness . . . hell, even cocky ness . . . people are more likely to perceive you as confient, charming, smart, kind . . . bad-A-double-S! whatever . . . if you project negativity, timidness, meekness etc. then that is what they will see and human nature is to classify. So without even realizing it, people will dismiss you as such.

    Case in point. My husband, self confessed, is not the best looking guy in the room. But when he walks into a room . . . ladies pour over him (believe me I aint lying because it irritates me to no end!). WHY? Because a great example about women: We say we hate cocky ness but something we will rarely admit is that it secretly turns us on . . . and if its more CONFIDENCE with just a touch of cocky, then it doesnt matter what you look like.

    Good hygiene is also a MUST.

    :) Go get em!

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    You are a cutie, and most girls like tall guys. They are hard to come by. This guy you work with is probably just jealous or he's an idiot and makes fun of everyone to make himself feel better. Keep with the clean cut sound like you like this look alot better.

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    You not ugly! your cute! and i mean that its not just a "be nice and boost his confidence" thing. YOu look like your lots of fun to be with as well.

    tip: don't use fake tan. eventually, you'll just look silly or be orange. no one wants to be orange.

    did you think about reporting your co worker ? he can't say that. its harassment.

    Next to jesus. I see. He's one of those stuck up, "brilliant" guys that no one acctually likes.

    Just remember to be yourself. good luck with life

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    energies & good vibes speak volumes!!! you look like someone fun to hang with!!! looks fade babey-stupid is forever!!! it sounds like you are well grounded (and you are cute)

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    dude u look normal.....

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