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Driving to Montreal, need to leave my car near the closest METRO station then take METRO around city.?

I'm driving from Ottawa, would like to park the car at the closest (without driving into Montreal) Metro station, at a supervised, paid parking spot. Then I'd take Metro to my hotel downtown. I'm doing this to avoid the highways and traffic of Montreal, plus I love getting around on the Metro. Can you fine Montrealers suggest a safe area(provide details please) to park the car, and spare me the drive through town? Much appreciated.

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    Highway 40 east into Montreal. Exit 66-S for highway 15 south (aka Autoroute Décarie). Keep right and take the first exit (#69) for Jean-Talon street. Merge immediately right.

    Turn right on Jean-Talon where the metropolitan transit authority maintains 2 free parking lots for the Namur metro station. The entrance to Namur is on the opposite (east) side of Decarie boulevard. A 3rd parking lot is located immediately east of the station entrance (parking is behind the station) - a shorter walk but it fills up quickly - your best bet if you arrive after 5:30 pm on a weekday or during the weekend.

    Total parking spaces: 428 (free!)

    Enjoy your stay.

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    How are you planning on carrying all your luggage if you take the metro to your hotel?

    According to the following map, you're coming through Dollard-des-Ormeaux well before you hit downtown Montreal, which means that you could park your car at the Cote-Vertu Metro Station (end of the orange line) and hop on the metro until wherever your hotel is located (near which station by the way?) - why not?

    Here is a map of the Montreal Metro system:


    Do you see the station I'm talking about?

    And the one near your hotel too?

    Here's hoping - for your own sake!

    Good luck to you and have a great time in Montreal!

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    Namur Metro Montreal

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