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gossip girl?

whos exitced for the season filnale next monday i cant wait but also the last esiopde of season 1 till fall when a new seasons srtarts but the frist season was sooo good so far well the ones escpliay with geroina in it its my fav all time show



ya !!!!!!!!!

Update 2:

ya but im guessing he might snice serena said she chated on him when she didnt

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    i frikin cant stand georgina!! she ruins everything!! grrr!! but im real excited to see the finale. of course theyll have georgina do something outrageous and then well all have to wait until the next season to see what happens. that will be horrible! but im pumped :-)

    much love♥

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    I love the show, but I will absolutely hate it if Dan slept with Georgina. I'll admit Serena was acting like an idiot, but Dan seems "too good" like Serena said to just jump into bed with a stranger. Dan must be an idiot to believe all of Georgina's lies.

  • claud
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    Gilmore ladies - it has the suited script and characters(however Chuck from Gossip woman is outstanding) Gossip woman is sturdy, too...yet i'm going to would desire to choose how sturdy it particularly is after some extra seasons.

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    YES!!! AHH!

    Georgina is pretty smart, although she is EVIL. I think she's gained Dan's trust. But I don't think that he would sleep with her. UGH SHE'S GOTTA DIE. I think Blaire and Chuck should do something to bring her down. And Nate should tell Vanessa. Dan would listen to Vanessa.

    Sorry, just watched it. And I'm PUMPED.

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    I can not wait! Georgina I just want to punch in the face!!! Her and Dan better of not had sex! I can not wait to see what happens

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    Serena deserves it; I hate her character on the show.

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    omg! i cant wait either!

    hurry monday!

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