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Missions trip vs. camp?

I kinda feel like I should get away from my life, and I know I need to get closer to God. I kinda feel if I was away from these distractions...

I was wondering...what do you think would be "better", as missions trip, or working as a counsellor at a camp? Any experiences?

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    Done both many times. Both were good experiences. If you are trying to get closer to God I might suggest a different solution altogether. Take some time by yourself with Him. Doing stuff is fine, but you can get just as distracted doing "good" things as you can just doing the everyday stuff. Take your Bible, some good Christian music, a notebook and just find a quiet place to spend a few days away from your normal life. Take time to pray and then take time to just sit and listen. Don't go with any agenda other that to spend time with Him.

    If you are focused on service to others, then a mission trip is great as is camp counselor. And you will likely learn more about God and yourself. But if the goal is to get closer to God focus on the goal. People may think you are selfish and not doing the "Christian" thing but what could be more Christian than spending time with God. In the end it is about what He wants you to do. What is He leading you to do when you ask Him?

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    The missions trip sounds better to me, BUT be sure you find out exactly what you will be doing! I went on a MT once with my church when I was in Junior High, and it was very lame. I know there are some good causes out there, just get all the details beforehand and don't just assume since it's with the church it's all good.

    On the other hand, if you are really outgoing and have a good raport with younger kids, counseling at camp might be better for you and you could possibly be a good role model for the kids attending. I went to church camp as a young teen (Falls Creek Baptist in OK), and some of the kids were up to no good (boy/girl things) and could really use someone who wanted to encourage them spiritually.

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    Nothing like going to a poor country to make you realize "Hey, my life is a hellova lot better than my whining made me believe...GOSH! I can't wait to go home and tell all my friends how impoverished this area is and how great we have it in America even though we don't know it sometimes and we go online and complain about how lame and hard our lives are!"

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  • Cee T
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    I've done neither, but I think a missions trip would be better for you.

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