How do you get the large sword on *Zelda ocarina time*?

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I dont mean the sencond sword ,I mean the thurd sword..

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    Alright go become Adult Link. Now go and talk to the cuccoo farmer in kakoriko village. Then go find her chickens. After you've located them and put them into the fenced-in area, talk to her. She should give you a pocket egg. Wait a day, and it should hatch. Now go talk to chicken lady again. She'll get excited and give you a blue chicken. Now go to the house by where the box you got one of the cuccoos out of, and talk to the fat guy snoozin' on the bed. He should just say "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz". Now pull out the pocket cuccoo and it should wake him up, and the cuccoo will be 'Happy'. Now go to the lost woods, and turn right (might be left), and talk to the pale a** guy leaning on the tree. Pull out the cuccoo in front of him, and he'll give you mushroom. You're timed for this part. Quickly bring the mushroom to the old hag's magic shop in Kakoriko (You can't warp for any of this mission by the way) and pull it out in front of the old geezard. She'll give you a medicine to take to pale dude, but when you go back there, he won't be there. A little girl will have replaced him. Try to give her the medicine, and she'll give you a broken saw. Now go to The Gerudo place with the bridge (can't remember the actual name of it, the place before the main Gerudo fortress) and either use epona to jump the gap, or longshot to the other side (unless the bridge is fixed, then just walk across) and pull out the saw in front of the carpenter guy who is making weird a** facial expressions outside of the tent. He should give you a Broken Biggoron's Sword. Now take this to Biggoron (he is atop death mountain, by the outside entrance to the Fire Temple). He should say he'd like to fix it, but he can't see well enough. So he'll give you a prescription for special eyeball frog eye drops. Take these to King Zora in Zora's Domain (You must first unfreeze him with blue fire found in the cave at Zora's fountain), and pull it out while standing on the ledge thingy. He should now give you an eyeball frog. This is the hardest part of the whole quest, you're timed again. Quickly take these to the research center at lake hylia (the weird shaped house) and pull 'em out in front of the lady in there. She'll give you the eye drops. You're timed again. Take these quickly back to Biggoron, and he'll put them in his eyes. Now he'll say he can fix your sword, and give you a claim check. Now wait 3 days (or play the song of storms 6 times) and talk to him again. He'll give to the UNBREAKABLE Biggoron's Sword, the strongest and biggest sword in the game.

    Source(s): Official The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Strategy Guide
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    First you can get it by blowing up the sereis of walls in goron city and buying it off the biggoron when your an adult but i dont suggest you do that it breaks too easily. Heres what I did:

    1. Get the pocket cucoo from the girl in kakariko village who takes care of cucoos when your an adult

    2 Hatch it

    3Go back to her and get the blue cucoo

    4 Wake up talon

    5 bring the blue cucoo to the man in the lost woods

    6 Bring the mushroom given to you by the man to the lady in the potion shop in kakariko

    7 bring the goods back to the man in the woods

    8 what hes not their give the stuff to the girl.

    9 bring the saw to the carpenters in the desert longshot needed

    10 bring the thing to the biggoron attop death mountain not the one in goron city

    11 bring the frog to the old dude at lake hylia

    12 bring the eye drops to the goron

    13 take your prize

    by the way you shouldnt warp on the timed ones youll have to start over

    Source(s): I played it 1000 times
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    first get the first three stones from beating the first three temples as a kid, go to the temple of time in castle courtyard, play the song of time in front of the big door in there. the stones should come out and line up on a platform, then the big door will open and the master sword is all yours.

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    As an grownup, head to the place Jabu-Jabu was once. Hop around the floating ice until you attain a cave. it incredibly is the Ice Cavern. you will locate the Iron Boots in this cave, and Sheik will coach you a clean song. ensure you hold a bottle of Blue fireplace with you once you bypass away the Ice Cavern. you may soften King Zora with it, and he will supply you the Zora's Tunic.

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    first you have to get the first three stones from beating the first three temples as a kid, then you go to the temple of time in the castle courtyard and play the song of time in front of the big door in there. the stones should come out and line up on a platform, then the big door will open and the master sword is all yours.

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    You have to go to the grand tower and there will be a secret door behind a crate and when you walk through there there will be a treasure chest with the sword in it.

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    your talking about the biggoron sword i guess.

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