Those person do not give up and where they can go in this path?

what she s trying to do ? even if she s not fighting as in the beggining she continues.why?


-she started to be violent

-disappear without discuss with her ex

some months later she reappeared attacking him in

an anonymous forum in internet

-she is being there for months , first hidden only attacking then she was exposed

-she attacked him trying to destroy him: talking about his apparence, masculity, sexuality, family saying very terrible things very evil;

-first she used to listen to him about God now she thinks he s a false prophet and a false christian and she s there to save him from the hell.

-lying all the time

-saying slangs

-she thinks all the things that the ex write in the net is for her

-in the anonymous forum she thinks the ex s talking to her even it s not true

- do not want to discuss only to attack

- very violent behavior

- she trying to invert the stalking she s doing saying that the ex is stalking her

-started to try to ignore after all that saying:you are the worst thing that happ

Update 2:

happened in her life, that was a hell to be with him, that he s a lier , that she never missed him ,

opening and closing many fakes profiles to be easy to stalk . trying to know everything about ex life but in silence

- saying many times that she will erase the profile but allways coming back

-copying and pasting satanic material do the forum and saying satanic things to provoke the ex;

-saying she s a true christian and the ex dont

-passing hours in the forum provoking the ex

-using a fake profile and a proxy to harass thinking she could be catched by the police

what to do in those cases?

it seems that the family is not knowing what she s doing , can a family can not see what s happening with a wife a daughter? the persons wants to telephone them but he s afraid because no proves and she can invent or have already invented things against him.

she stopped after stopped to attack .she is changing her strategy or things worse to her?

this seems borderline, schizophrenia psycho?

Update 3:

she s going less often but know invert the things the person is saying or try to change it i dont know if the does that to provoke or she cant understand and change what the other person is saying

Update 4:

like yours bala. i m sorry you have problems in reading comprehension

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    it s a heavy mental illness and spiritually it seems that she s possessed

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