What happens if I stay in Canada longer than the date stamped on my passport?

I don't plan on living in Canada forever but I want to stay longer and it's too late to apply for an extension. Will they give me trouble at the border when I do decide to go back to the US?

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    i think you can go straight to immigration and apply for an extension right there. one time i missed a flight back to germany and i had to extend my visa for just that one day i had to stay longer to catch my flight the next day. it probably depends what kind of visa your on, and how long you ve been in canada, what the reason is for your stay, and also how much money you have to support yourself. call an immigration call centre, they ll give you advice, and youre anonymous. then you can make your decision based on what they said. dont let them know youre considering to overstay your visit. i understand how u feel, i just obtained permanent residency in c. after ten years of visiting, volunteering, having to leave. my longest stay as a visitor was 1 1/2 years, then i had to leave. best bet is to do it as legal as possible so u can enjoy ur stay, and come back again later. CIC call centre is probably the best place to contact. number is in the blue government pages of the phone book. i wish you good luck

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    Yes! When you entered Canada you would have been given a visa. A stamp in your passport to say how long, either 3 or 6 months. The decleration you signed was your 'intended stay'. Your intentions can change, but you simply may not stay longer than the visa you where given allows. Unless you apply for an visa extension, however, this is not necessary for you as you are well within 3 months. Look in your passport! However if you did not use a passport to enter Canada from the US this is still ok as the original 10 days was your 'intended stay' and you are still within the 3 months. Good luck!

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    You are required to submit your visa when leaving.

    The only problem is if and when you ever want to return to Canada you will have an immigration violation on your record and will be denied another visa.

    As far as any worries here No we dont worry too much about Americans that do that as long as you have money to support yourself

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    On the canadian side of the border, no problem. Immigration and naturalization does have the time or resources to do anything about it. If you get in trouble with law enforcement, you could be detained and politely asked to leave.

    I don't think crossing the border back will be any problem since the control is done by US immigration.

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    1 decade ago

    The only thing you could try is to apply for an extension. However, you can be denied and asked to leave.

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    if you stay past your date you are an illegal alien and will suffer the consequences if caught

    and dont expect to be allowed to enter Canada again later on,you can be denied

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