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Hey Everyone! Whiach of these 3 Films were your favourite & why? Best Answer Award up for Grabs!?

"Titanic" - 1997/ Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet - won 11

Academy Awards.

"American Beauty" - 2000/ Kevin Spacey & Annette Benning -

won 6 Academy Awards.


"King Kong" - 2005/ Naomi Watts/ Jack Black & Adrien Brody

- won 4 Academy Awards.

These are my top 3 movies of all time! Anyone out there agree with any of the choices???


Yeah Christine B - American Beauty's CLASS! Great movie!

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    Sorry, but, I thought this version of Titanic was over rated.

    I liked the King Kong movie much better, even though it was the 4th remake of the film. I think it's great that film technology has come so far since the first King Kong was made in the earlier part of the 20th century.

    I read the original book and wondered if they would ever be able to do it justice on the silver screen. This latest version was pretty damn close. I would like to have seen more of the book in this version, but, that's Hollywood for you!

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    American Beauty because it stars Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning.

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    I would say titanic. The great special effects and it was partially based on a true story. I mean with the exception of the Jack Dawson and Rose rich girl poor guy part. The boat looked as real as it did the day they commissioned it. The story had a little humor and seriousness that all fit together.

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    Titanic is the best movie. King Kong was ok. I've never seen American Beauty. Is it worth watching?

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    Titanic cause

    King Kong was terrible

    and American Beauty was trendy and kinda perverted

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    Although, all three were good films that everyone should watch. My favorite would have to be "American Beauty."

    It was definitely a talk about type of movie. It is intelligent, provocative, shocking, and all too real. It is entertaining, and calls its viewers to take a closer look at their own lives.

    American Beauty is the winner of 5 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Director, and Best Writing.

    " American Beauty appeared on over 275 Top 10 lists and was named Best Picture of the Year by over 65 critics... Sam Mendes ( Directors Guild of America Award) debuted by teaming with screenwriter Alan Ball ( Writer's Guild of America Award) to capture critics and audiences. " *

    I recommend this film for everyone 17 and older, since it is rated "R." It is for mature audiences due to strong sexual references, language, minor drug use, and some violence.

    Source(s): *DreamWorks Pictures of DreamWorks LLC, 2007
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    King Kong was a great story! Titanic was too cheesy for me ! American Beauty i never saw ! Going with the King!

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    Out of the 3 you listed, Titanic.

    I like true stories and it was just a great movie!

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