Someone PLZ HELP me? The united states=)?

Do you believe the United States has the right to invade countries that have not attacked U.S? Why or why not? Under what circumstances would this appropriate?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is only my opinion that the US should help other neighboring countries counter attack on the others that tend to tear down what democracy builds. No sense in living in oppression because of some else's beliefs are not yours. No sense in letting innocent victims be terrorized because of hatred. We have the power, the convictions to stand tall and fight for freedom for ourselves and for our allies that back us up too. A lot has to do with the driving economy of exports and imports to make the nations prosper, in which if we did not live for freedom and wipe out all of the violence brought against mankind, we all could be living in a Bosnia, Iraq, etc. Which would you prefer? Our soldiers believe in what they are fighting for, so I will support the troops and believe that they are doing the right thing. All we really know is what the news media wants us to hear...we really do not know everything. Nobody wants to fight another war unless it is imperative that it is necessary for everyone's sake.

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