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Can you convert into Judaism?

I heard you couldn't.

Can you?

If you converted to Judaism, why did you convert? What made you make that decision.

Where can I learn more about Judaism and converting?


I was born and raise Catholic and plan to be a Catholic Priest. I am just curious. Jews are, after all, God's chosen people.

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    Yes - ANYONE can convert to Judaism.

    Judaism is essentially a tribal religion; when a person converts, they are 'adopted' by the tribe.

    It takes around a year to convert and it involves a fair bit of studying. You also need to decide if you want to be a Reform, Conservative or Orthodox Jew. Note: ONLY Orthodox conversions are recognised by all movements within Judaism.

    There are several 'Jews by choice' in this forum; I'll star your post and hopefully they'll see it and come and answer :)



    - there is a page on conversion at this excellent website :)

    Source(s): - am Jewish
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    Yes you can convert to Judaism.

    Contact an Orthodox Rabbi, and tell him you want to convert. You can find one here, in case you don't have an Orthodox Jewish community near you with a Rabbi who does conversions:

    He will ask you questions to determine how much you know about Judaism and why you want to convert. He may try to discourage you from converting because we don't really get why anyone would want to become a part of the most persecuted and hated people on the planet for the past thousands of years.

    You also cannot believe in Christian theology in any way, shape, or form. That includes Jesus. Judaism is an EXTREMELY different religion than Christianity, in all of its foundational doctrines and beliefs. The two are nothing alike at all.

    So you would need to demonstrate that you have some knowledge of the differences and what Judaism believes. It wouldn't be accepted that you haven't looked into the subject, because if you haven't, how could you possibly know that Judaism is right for you?

    If you truly are sincere and know what you're getting into as far as the rest of the world hating you -- and antisemitism is on the rise all around the world right now -- and are familiar with the basics of Judaism to the point that you KNOW in your soul that it's the right place for you, then the Rabbi will accept you for conversion.

    It takes at least a year, sometimes more, of classes and living in an Orthodox Jewish community during that time as well.

    An Orthodox conversion is the only one that is accepted by all branches of Judaism. It is also the only one that follows traditionally prescribed Torah law for conversions.

    P.S. To "HALAHAN": You're kinda brain-dead, arentcha.

    P.S.S. I'd be looking into what "The Jews are God's chosen people" actually means, rather than what Christianity teaches that it means. Here are some JEWISH links to help you get started on the real meaning:

    P.S. I guess the link I put at the top of my post to contact an Orthodox Rabbi to help you wasnt working. I've put in the correct link now.

    Source(s): me, Jewish
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    Judaism supports willing conversions, and any convert is just as much of a Jew as a Jew with family history going back thousands of years. The conversion process takes between 1-2 years for Reform and Reconstructionist, and between 2-4 years for Conservative and Orthodox. Only people who convert to Orthodox Judaism are granted guaranteed citizenship in Israel under the Law of Return, because Orthodox does conversions strictly according to Halacha (Jewish law). Circumcision is required in all Jewish movements except for Reform.

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    Of course you can convert to Judaism! You will have to complete a course of study with a rabbi and declare your conversion in a few ceremonies. Traditionally, a rabbi is supposed to reject your attempts to convert three times, so you can prove that intent is sincere.

    Check out synagogues in your area. Just like Christianity, there are many different sects and denominations, so you'll have to decide which is right for you. Some are very traditional and orthodox; others are very modern and reformed.

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    Yes you can convert to Judaism, I'm actually working on that right now. I chose to convert after comming to believe it is the truth.

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    Yes you can it is just they dont seek converts. Othordox Jews will denie you atleast 3 times to see if you are actually commited it is halacha law that they must deny you 3 times. Eventaully they will accept you than you have to study with the rabbi for a year than you will be circumsized if you already are they will take a drop of blood of blood from your private than you will be dipped in a milkvah

    But i am a Karaite and we follow the plain meaning of the Torah and not theses at all these laws found in the Talmud

    Question: What do I need to do in order to convert to Karaite Judaism?

    Answer: In order to convert to Karaite Judaism you must first accept the three fundamental principles of Karaism as expressed in the Karaite Confession:

    I believe in YHWH of Hosts as the only God, and renounce all others.

    I believe in the Tanakh, the Hebrew Scripture, as the word of YHWH and the only religious authority and renounce all other writings, creeds, and doctrines as the words of men.

    I undertake to study and keep the Tanach, striving to interpret it according to its "plain meaning".

    You must also accept the principles expressed in the ancient Karaite Vow:

    "By the covenant of Mt. Sinai and the statutes of Mt. Horev I will keep the holy appointed times of YHWH according to the New Moon and the finding of the Aviv in the Holy Land of Israel, when possible."

    If the believer is a male he must be circumcised. Circumcision can be performed by any qualified health-care professional. It does not need to be performed by a religious leader or ‘Rabbi’.

    Before converting, the believer must begin to live by the Torah so that by the time he converts he will have internalized day-to-day commandments such as daily Torah study, prayer, Shabbat, Kashrut, and family purity.

    Source(s): If you want to be a Karaite Jew go to If you want to be a Rabbinical Jew
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  • Yes. You can convert to Judaism.

    Source(s): Religious Jew
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    Yes, you can convert to any religion i think.

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    yes, it is possible. some people lie and say you can't. in some cases this is presented as an attempt to defame Judaism as racist or other negative things.

    heres some links you might find helpful,

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    You probably can't convert to Orthodox Judaism but other branches, yes.

    # # #

    Halahen is in error - Jews never referred to G-d as Allah. That's merely anti-Jewish ranting and an attempt to sway you to Islam.

    Source(s): JPA
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