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Who knows how to speak french?!?

help me with the pronunciation of these sentances. please.

write out how to pronounce itt

Quoi?! Un hamburger, des frites et un coke? Vous voulez rire Madame! Ce restaurant est Le Chateau Parisien! Nous ne sommes pas chez MacDonalds!

Le canard a l'orange est delicieux

Bon, alors. Le lapin aux legumes verts est superbe aussi!

D'accrod. Les grenouilles au beurre, c'est notre specialite!

Tres bien Madame! Je vais vous apporter votre hamburger, les frites et le coke toute de suite!

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  • Maya
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    Kwah? Un (this sound doesn't exist in English, say "an" as is AN army)-an (as in to wANt) burger, day freet é (as in fiancé) un koh-kah(we say coca in French)? Voo voo-lé reer mah dam! Suh ray-s-toh-ran ay luh shah-toh pah-ree-zee-an! Noo nuh saw-m pah shay McDonald (the same, only without the "s")

    Luh kah-nah-r ah loh ran-ge (the same "ge" as in in garaGE) ay dé-lee-see-yuh.

    Bon, ah-loh-r. Luh lah-pan oh lay-gu(the French "u", doesn't exist in English, so just say "oo")-m vayr ay su-payr-b oh-ssee!

    Da-koh-r. Lay gruh-noo-y oh buhr, say not-r spé-see-yah-lee-té!

    Tray bee-yen Mah dam! G(the same as in garaGe)uh vay voo zah-pohr-té voht-r an-burger, lay freet é luh koh-kah too-duh-su-eet.

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    Qwa?! Un(like un minus the o) hambergur, day frete(like free with a "t") a un coke? Vu vu-lay rear Madame! Cu restaurant a le shato Parisian! Nu ne sommes(like some with a "oms) pa shay MacDonalds!

    Le canard(pronounced like it looks) a l'orange a delici-ew.

    Bon(like BONnet) a-loor. Le lapin o legumes verts a superb aussi!

    D'accord. Lay gren-u-ls o bear, say not-ruh specialitay!

    Tray bi-an Madame! Juh vay vu apportay(like report, but a instead of re and and the "ay") votra hambergur, les fretes et le coke toot du sweet!

    That's the best i can do, it's kindof hard to figure out how to sound some of them out. If it's not change, it's just pronounce like it seems. The places i put "-" is just so it's easier to figure out how to pronounce it.

  • Alexis
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    Kwah? Un am-boor-goor, day freets ay un co-ca. Voo voolay reer ma dam! Say rest-oh-ron eh luh shat-oh pa-ree-zee-ehn! Noo nuh som pa shay mac-doh!

    Luh can-ar ah law-ronj ay day-lee-say-yoo

    Bon, al-or. Luh lap-an oh lay-goom ver ay soo-perb, oh-see!

    Dah-kor: lay gron-wee-yoo oh boor, say not-ruh spay-see-a-lee-tay!

    Tray bee-an, ma-dam! Juh vay voo a-port-ay vot-ruh am-boor-goor, lay freet et luh co-ca toot dih sweet.

  • Anonymous
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    kwah, uh am-bur-gehr, day freet ay uhN coke. vu vu-lay reer mah-dahm. suh rest-oh-rahN ay luh cha-toe pah-ree-see-uh. nu nuh sahm pah shay mac-dah-nulds

    luh cah-nar ay l'oh-ran-zhuh a duh-lee-see-uh

    bohN..ah-lor. luh lah-pahN oh luh-goom vehr ay soo-pair-buh


    dah-cor la gruh-nu-ee oh bur, say no-truh spuh-see-ahl-ee-tay

    tray bieN mah-dam. zhuh vay vu ah-por-tay voh-truh ahm-bur-gehr, lay freet a luh coke toot duh sweet

    where there is a capital N is where it is nasally. you don't pronounce the N

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