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What is the most effective way the New World Order will decrease the world population down to 500 million?

Please include links and references if you can, thanx.

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    Control the energy and control the food supply and you control the world. Once you control the world, you can give and withhold these necessities as you see fit to whomever, wherever you want. In this way you can make sure the world's poorest die off as they are the most vulnerable and numerous to begin with.

    However, I agree with Fancy That. The earth will rebel first at humanity's outrageous disrespect. Converging catastrophes of climate change, terminator seeds, wipe out of bee population, deforestation, desertification, drained aquifers, explosive algae growth then death in warmer oceans, polluted air/water/soil, depleted fisheries, unprecedented mass migrations of peoples, among others will combine to get us and the proponents of any NWO/PNAC. There will be no place to hide.

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    inhabitants boost is something that Doomsday followers were speaking about for years. It develop into once believed that the Human inhabitants could no longer exceed 4 billion because there doesn't be sufficient room on earth for each person to stay and nevertheless be waiting to devour or perhaps breath. presently the inhabitants is around the 6 billion mark and that i for conceivable nevertheless breath and there continues to be foodstuff. in truth there is feilds that are being left fallow for the subsequent year or 2 so a more advantageous high quality of foodstuff could be produced. We as a spiecis have the skill to imagine and plan for destiny activities. No different animal has meaning or a minimum of to the quantity that we've. A squirle as an example isn't storing nuts because it knows of wintry climate is coming and has to ensure it has sufficient for the completed wintry climate, like a nut an afternoon. It shops foodstuff because this is programed into this is DNA and instincts. i have those days examine comments, no longer by utilising a unmarried "scientist" yet ones that were printed by utilising a large team that actual quite researched the project and got here up with the kind that if we do not strengthen our present day foodstuff, housing and hardship-free clinical knowledge, that the Human inhabitants can attain about 12 billion before we attain extreme issues. So it takes us about 10 years to strengthen by utilising one billion and that isn't any longer counting the actual incontrovertible actuality that the international inhabitants is amazingly ideal heavy that means that there are alot more advantageous previous human beings than youthful ones. honestly there'll be issues that pop up, no man or woman will see them coming and they'll be eventually delt with. we are able to proceed to strengthen as a human beings and our inhabitants will strengthen besides.

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    I don't think the NWO is competent enough to pull this off. For instance, they didn't see Global warming coming. If you are scared of terrorist and conspiracy groups, just wait until you see what mother nature has in store for us.

    I'm quite certain that millions will die if we don't take preventive action to deal with all the natural disasters that are coming our way. But I don't think the NWO will be able to control who stays and who goes. In fact, most of them live near an ocean. Not the smartest place to set up shop.

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    I didn't know they were 500 million CIA agents in the world

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    Through warfare and man made diseases, And by suppressing our true potential and making us believe that we are weak and at the helms of others, When in fact we have the power.

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    Why should we want such a drastic reduction?

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    In my opinion you are just abit paranoid, i dont think there will be any new world order, nor an horrible act like the one you are talking aobut

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    one word--- genocide

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    Media lies and propaganda.

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