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Need help making my spellcaster deck. my spellcaster deck seems too big. What should i remove or add?

I want to make a spellcaster deck and when i finished it seems so big. any suggestions on which card i should remove or if necessary, add?

monsters (37)




D eradicator warlock

D magician x3

M of faithx2

skilled dark m x2

white m pikeru

serpentine princess

soul tiger

D m girl

big eye

trap master

apprentice M

ebon m curran

aqua madoor x2


mysterious puppeteer

Royal magical library

giant soldier of stone x2

myth beast cerberus

myth elf

elemental hero bladeedge

rapid fire m

breaker the magicial worrior

blast m


mystic swordsman Lv2

Mystic swordsman Lv4

sorcerer of dark magic

Magic, spell (48)


dark hole

sword of deep-seated

magical dimension x2

nobleman of crossout

mage power

sage's stone

de-spell x2

Horn of light

black illusion ritual

swords of revealing light x2

remove trap

monster reborn

graceful charity

black pendant

mystical space typhoon

dian keto the cure master x2

premature burial

spell absorption

d magic attack

mystic box

diffusion wave-motion

card destruction

mist body

lightning vortex

change of heart

traps (16)

call of the haunted

just desserts

divine wrath

pitch-black power stone

magic jammer

barrel behind the door

wall of revealing light

fake trap

magic cylinder

trap hole


enchanted javin

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    First of all, I don't think you play Advance Format, because this deck has forbiddon cards, and some cards that are taking space, but with a little help, it should be running good. Here are some cards I'd remove, and add, but know this, I'm making a deck list in Advacnce Format:


    -1 Dark Magician, - Trap Master, - Mystic Swordsman (Lv2&4),

    -2 Magician of Faith, -2 Aqua Madoor

    - Breaker the Magical Warrior, - Elemental Hero Bladeedge

    -Mystical Elf, - Suijin, - Mysterious Puppeteer, - Big Eye

    - Trap Master, -2 Giant Soldier of Stone,

    - Myth Beast Cerberus, - Serpentine Princess, - Soul Tiger,

    - White Magician Pikeru, - Ebon Magician Curran,

    - Rapid Fire Magician, - Dark Hole, - Relinquish

    - Sword of Deep-Seated, - Yami, -2 De-Spell

    - Horn of Light, -1 Swords of Revealing Light, - Remove Trap

    - Graceful Charity, - Black Pendant, - Nobleman of Crossout

    -2 Dian Keto the Cure Master, - Mystic Box, - Mist Body

    - Mystical Space Typhoon, - Change of Heart, - Black Illusion Ritual, - Call of the Haunted, - Just Desserts

    - Barrel Behind the Door, - Trap Hole, - Enchanted Javelin

    - Fake Trap, - Divine Wrath, - Waboku, - Magic Cylinder

    - Pitch-Black Power Stone, - Magic Jammer


    +1 extra Royal Magical Library, +1 extra Apprentice Magician

    +1 extra Dark Magician Girl, +1 Dark Sage, +1 Time Wizard

    +2 Old Vindictive Magician, +1 Dark Magician of Chaos,

    +1 Sangan, +1 D.D.M.- Different Dimension Master,

    +1 Nightmare's Steelcage, +1 Creature Swap

    +1 Pot of Avarice, +1 Scapegoat, +1 Giant Trunade,

    +1 Heavy Storm, +1 Mirror Force, +2 Magician's Circle,


    Monsters (20)

    Sorcerer of Dark Magic

    Dark Magician of Chaos

    Dark Eradicator Warlock

    Dark Magician x2

    Dark Sage

    Skilled Dark Magician x2

    Dark Magician Girl x2

    D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master

    Apprentice Magician x2

    Old Vindictive Magician x2

    Royal Magical Library x2

    Blast Magician

    Time Wizard


    Spells (18)

    Pot of Avarice

    Dark Magic Attack

    Magical Dimension x2

    Nightmare's Steelcage

    Mage Power

    Sage's Stone

    Swords of Revealing Light

    Monster Reborn

    Heavy Storm

    Giant Trunade

    Premature Burial

    Creature Swap


    Spell Absorption

    Diffusion Wave-Motion

    Card Destruction

    Lightning Vortex

    traps (4)

    Mirror Force

    Magicians Circle x2

    Wall of Revealing Light


    So far, this woulb be a good Spellcaster Deck, well, not really Spellcaster, but a good Dark Magician Deck.

    I made something like this Deck that I wrote, by using some of my friends cards, because I don't have a lot of Spellcaster cards, anyways, I used it before, and it was great, I always get lucky, my friends see me as a person who lucks out, because I always end up getting Time Wizards effect against them, and then bring out Dark Sage, and etc.

    ("It always seems to be a Heads, Heads, Tails order for me, then continueing backwards.")

    Anyways, most of the cards, I know you probably don't have, but just a thought in case you end up getting the cards.

    The Scapegoat is suppose to go great with Creature Swap, besides, Creature swap is something I'd perfer rather than Mystic Box. Oh, and the Magician's Circle is to help you bring out Dark Magician Girl.

    Anyways, I hope it helps, Good Luck. :)

    Source(s): 6 years of playing yugioh cards, and still playing. Bulit a Dark Magician Deck before.
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  • 4 years ago

    all i could say is to ake out all of your dark magicians and add silent magician level 4 and add another card(cant remember what is called but its a trap card that when its acrivated it has 3 counters on it and you can give the 3 SCs to anything on the field) also add Tower of Babel and SilentMagician Level8 if you want to.... coolt thing about your deck is that its a more balanced version of my deck, my deck is based around silent magicians, if i get a good hand i can get 2 silent magician level 8 and a selent magician level4 with 3000atk after your opponent draws :P.... Hope i Helped

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  • 1 decade ago

    This deck is way to big. take out all non spellcaster cards and start from there

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