I'm Boulimic :( help me!?

o.k so here is the problem , im self concious about my weight. I try to just eat healthy and workout but if i feel like i ate rlly bad that day i purge (i've only done it 4 times to date) , i have told my friend about this but she just gets mad and says next time i do it she'll do the one thing i rlly don't want her doing (drugs) so i am hiding it from her. I don't know why i do this i just feel so terrible after.

I think im huge (5'10" and 130lbs) and thats why i do it , i rlly don't know what to do and it sucks i can't rely on friends HELP ME. I can't stop!


ok, my friend is NOT a druggie she tried it like once and she told me and we talked about it and she agreed to stop

Update 2:

to the ppl that say talk to a school nurse or the town therapist : my town had like 2000ppl so we don't have any of this within 1.5hr drive

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    are you kidding? thats really skinny! im shorter than you and i weigh more than you

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    Ok, first of all stop it right away. You're straying onto the wrong path. Second, you're 5'10 and 130 lbs and that sounds pretty damn healthy to me. You're tall so you can afford to be a little more "heavier" than the average person. If you were like 5'0 and 130, then you might be a little heavy. Or the opposite, if you were 6'7 and 130, then you'd be way underweight. Try seeing a professional though seriously, nobody on yahoo answers can help you effectively because you need personal (face to face) help.

    All I'm going to say reguarding eating healthy and working out is, try and eat 5-6 healthy small meals throughout the day. Eating throughout the day like that will not only keep you from feeling really hungry, but it keeps your insulin levels stable which keeps fat storage in the body to a minimum. Try and do a full body workout with weights, and don't worry it won't make you all muscly or anything. Just do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps, and rest 30 seconds between each set. Then do a good 30 minutes of medium speed cardio and you should be golden. The key really is the diet though you need to eat healthy in order to succeed. You have to do it for yourself, and nobody else, because you is what's important. It's hard work, but life isn't easy. Just stay determined. Determination is key and its a valuable leason to learn.

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    All right. Bulimia is mental. It's all in your head. True words: You are perfect. 5'10" is a very nice height and 130lbs fits nicely in there. I'm not sure about your age, but I plugged in your info into a BMI calculator and it says you are underweight. No matter what you think, know you are not fat. Bulimia, is like I said all mental, you may need someone to help you through it. If you purge again, find someone you can trust and talk it out, they will probably be able to help you more than anyone here because they know you. I'm not an expert on bulimia or anything, but I certainly know a lot about diet and fitness and you eating healthy and working out is certainly enough to keep you looking great, which I'm sure you do. Another thing is do not worry about what you think other people think about you. You look great! Anyone who doesn't think that doesn't deserve to be your friend. As for help, if you need it, don't go to someone the same age unless you are an adult. Find preferrably someone with more wisdom, and if you feel comfortable find someone who is an expert on the matter. But if none of that is good with you, then know you are beautiful just the way you are.

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    Alright... I am 16 (soon to be 17) and I have been bulimic for... about 4 years. Let me tell you- it started off I was just like "just this once" butt this once turned into okay oneee more time, oneee more time, oneee more time--- and now I have estimated I have thrown up 700 times. THAT IS AWFUL, an average person throws up in their ENTIRE lifetime like.... 50 times. I am 16 and I have 700 times.... it is just... really bad how out of control it gets without you even realizing it, I have not stopped for more than 2 months and that was 2 years ago. I am happy to say I have not thrown up in 3 weeks, which is the longest I've gone since that 2 month period not throwing up. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO GOOD, it is a beast to deal with... it is mentally, physically.. emotionally, draining. I really hope you chose what you know you need to get better, whether it be therapy or meditation or just telling your parents and getting it on the table before it becomes your worst nightmare

    Source(s): email me at lack_of_colour@yahoo.com if you want to talk about it
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    Well, I know that I probably won't be successful in convincing you but 130lb is actually very low for 5'10". Ideal body weight for someone your height would be close to 150lb.

    I think you should consider seeing a therapist or a counselor. Bulimia can be a difficult illness to treat particularly the longer you let it go. You can also start with a book called "Overcoming Bulimia" by McCabe. It is a workbook based on a type of therapy called CBT that is particularly helpful for eating disorders. More than anything, I think becoming comfortable with whom you are is the most important thing. You are concerned with your friend doing damage to her body with drugs but you are also doing damage to yourself with your negative self evaluation and disordered eating. It sounds like your friend really cares about you and would like to see you get help-maybe the two of you can come to an agreement that you will each go to a counselor, she for drugs and you for the eating disorder and then neither of you will have to feel like you are doing this alone.

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    Well first off, I'm sorry to hear that. Being bulimic is a serious problem. You should not be looking for help here, but rather seeking professional medical help. See a physician about this problem, because bulimia is a disease and can be serious. You have to be the one to take initiative and go seek medical help. It is possible to be treated, you just need to take the first step. If you don't have health insurance there are options available for free health care such as Planned Parent Hood. Do the smart thing and go seek help immediately! Good Luck!

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    This is a cycle that is VERY hard to stop. I'm proud of you for knowing that this is a problem. The next step is to seek help. I think you should talk to your parents about this. Once you tell them ...they can help shoulder some of the fear/stress/pressure you feel so you can focus on getting better. If you can't imagine telling your parents go to a responsible adult you trust. They will need to tell your folks but sometimes it's easier when someone else does it for you.

    God Bless

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    it's hard for your friends to understand what you're going through. My friends in HS were anorexic and it was really difficult for me to watch them hurt themselves. You are NOT huge by anymeans. I am 5'2 and weigh more than you!! You sound like you need help. If you are uncomfortable (or too old) to go to your mom, then I would go to a free clinic. I'm sure the nurse at your school can give you some information, and if you are over 18 anything you tell a doctor is confidential. Good luck!!

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    First of all you are not fat-especially for you height! You have to have confidence in yourself and strut your stuff.

    Second you need to talk to a trusted adult so that they can get you some help. You have already done the first part by admitted that you have this problem.

    This needs to be stopped before it gets to be out of control. You really need to seek some help and maybe get a nutritionist so that you don't feel like you are eating unhealthy foods. You can also get a exercise buddy and that will be less tempting to over do anything.

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    Try seeing your school counselor. He/she may be able to help you find ways to think better about your body. At your height and weight you are certainly not fat. Purging is very bad. It not only robs your body of needed nutrients but the acid from your stomach and rip apart your esophagus. I've struggled with body image issues all my life (my mother used to tell me I had a big butt and if I kept eating I'd get fat like my dad!) I only tried purging once. You need to accept your body and take good care of it. With good exercise and healthy diet your insides will feel better and hopefully will make you feel better about yourself. Try not to think of food as an enemy. You need food. Purging will also lead to binging, which is also not good for you. Actually purging does little to help you lose weight at all..it's a real misconception. Make healthy choices about you eat and you will feel less inclined to purge. But do try to talk to a counselor.

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    Huni no one can help you on here.

    You need to see a doctor who will help you properly.

    All we can do is give you support once you have made the next step but you have done the worst bit which is realising you have a problem.


    Source(s): recovered bulimia sufferer
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