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Symptoms of Measles?

My sister just had measles. We both had our shots, but she still got them somehow. Shes better now, but i have a runny, nose, a stomach ach, and when i go around food, i think I'm going to puke, I have NO appetite whatsoever. Are these symptoms of measles?

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    loss of appetite is a symptom of measles and also the runny nose. watch for a rash within the next two days but if you have been exposed i probably wouldn't wait that long to seek medical attention. good luck

  • The symptoms of measles usually begin to develop about 7-11 days after the person first becomes infected. The first symptoms are normally similar to those of a bad cold:


    runny nose

    sore throat


    A few days later, a bright red, blotchy rash breaks out on the forehead, face and neck.

    Within a few days the rash spreads to the body, arms and legs, by which time the rash will begin to fade from the face.

    When the rash breaks out, you may also develop conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye, or better known as 'pinkeye')

    Go see a doctor!! Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Pre-med student at Johns Hopkins
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    Raised red bumps on torso, and a fever.

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