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Ace Combat Zero The Belkan War: How to defeat the VULTURE planes in mission 10?

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    I never thought I would find an Ace Combat fan in this world.Well,so I have.May I introduce myself,I'm a great Ace Combat fan,and have won 4,5 and Zero(100%,seriously).

    So,you're stuck at the part when:

    AWACS:"Galm team,something's wrong.Stay alert".

    Sweerryyuoufurr(Huckebien passes you)

    Crow1:"Another one's coming"!

    Pixy:"That that the Vulture?"

    No.1:make sure you're flying a good fighter plane.(F-15C at the least)

    No.2:Don't run from them,turn around and intercept.

    No3:Use QAAM's on them,it will chase them until it hits.

    No.4:Target the plane on the far left side of the 8 plane formation first(this guy reacts too slow)

    No.5:DO NOT engage Vulture 1 head on(he's the one leading the pack and has the most forward position in the squadron.He will blast you down if you do so.

    No.6:Set Pixy to 'attack' mode

    No.7:Vulture squadron cannot corner well,use this to your advantage.

    No.8:It is recommended that you target them from their 6 o' clock.

    No.9:Eliminate Vulture 1 to disrupt the squadron's positions.

    No.10:You can eliminate them in just 7 mins.

    Source(s): For any more advice on Ace Combat,feel free to e-mail me.I will be pleased to help you.
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