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Which is the better console, Ps3, Xbox or Wii?

Which console is better, Ps3, Xbox or Wii?

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    I own all three systems, and they each have their use.

    The Wii is a lot of fun when we have guests over and we can play a game like Mario Party 8 or something, but for the most part, it sits collecting dust.

    I use the PS3 a lot for the built in Blu-ray and it is much easier to stream files from the PC and since you can use your own hard-drive, I have a lot more space to store movies and music. Game wise, the system is finally starting to pick up steam and you really can't go wrong with the PS3.

    However, for all out gaming, the 360 is fantastic, with tons of great games across multiple genres. XBox Live is very easy and the tiny yearly cost is well worth it. Incidently though, the 360 has cost me more in hardware than the "more expensive PS3." PS3 comes with a free controller charger (360 = $20) and built in wireless (360 = $100) That is something to consider if you do wireless networking.

    So in my opinion: Wii if you consistantly play with multiple people in the same house. PS3 if you value multimedia capabilities first and gaming second (though the gaming is picking up) And 360 if you value gaming first and multimedia second.

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    Personally, I would like to say both. Firstly, the Xbox 360:

    1) amazing graphics

    2) normal gameplay experience (sit and play)

    3)great sound quality

    4)A bit of problem on heating

    5) Xbox live ( cost depends on ur country. check out the price )

    Then comes the wii:

    1) The all-new gaming experience (moving around)

    2)more fun (u will get bored of xbox after a while )

    3)quality of video and sound are almost as good as xbox

    4)i dun think got internet.... U CHECK AH!


    Oh I 4got. PS3

    1)something like xbox 360

    2)does not have a good controller (the triangle and square bla bla)

    3)FREE online gaming though it is unorganized so its a bit annoying

    4) qualities of vid and audio .... fair but i think the vid totally owns xbox 360

    So here it is. But i have something for u to think about. What is it that u REALLY want? I dont think quality matters. Its about the fun.who cares about the quality? they are all about the same. I think the ans goes to :


    Vsnake Ranger

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    Me preferably PS3.


    - Up to 4 controllers maxed.

    - Best online service to date (Xbox Live), but you have to pay monthly or yearly. It's like $50 a year, $8 per month, and $20 per 3 months.

    - Ton of games. Best known for its shooters like Halo 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock, Gears of War, Call of Duty 4 (also on PS3), etc. (But some of these shooting games are also on PC like Gears of War, COD4, and Bioshock)

    - You can play HD-DVD if you have the HD-DVD drive otherwise you can't.

    - You need to buy a separate wireless adapter to go online.

    - Has HDMI 1.2.

    - Better graphics (not sure). It's debatable.

    - Upgradeable hard drive.

    - Can store music, pictures, and videos.

    - High failure rate.

    - Controllers have vibration. Can be wired or wireless.

    - Backwards compatibility.


    - Games come in a variety of genres. Not many good games now but they're coming.

    - Supports up to 7 wireless controllers. All wireless.

    - Flash card readers.

    - Can store music, pictures, and videos.

    - Has HDMI 1.3a.

    - Built-in Wi-Fi for wireless internet connection.

    - Built-in bluetooth. Therefore you can use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse so you can use it like a computer.

    - Free online service/gameplay. Home coming out soon which is like a virtual world sort of like the Sims.

    - Upgradeable hard drive.

    - Can interact a PSP with it.

    - Can play PS2 and PS1 games. (Except for the 40GB model which can't play PS2 games.)

    - Built-in blu-ray player. Games built on blu-ray which has more capacity than Xbox's DVDs.

    - More powerful engine/CPU (Cell Processor), but so far no one has tapped into that power.

    - SIXAXIS/Dualshock 3 controller. SIXAXIS allows you to twist and turn the controller and the game will react to it while the Dualshock 3 gives you vibration.

    - Can install Linux operating system.


    - Up to 2 controllers max I think. Has Wii Fit, Wii Zapper, and such.

    - All the controllers are wireless except for the classic one.

    - Backward compatible with GC games. Even supports up to 4 GC controllers and 2 memory cards.

    - Uses memory cards to store game data.

    - Can go online and play games w/ others.

    - Nintendo DS can interact w/ the Wii.

    - Free online.

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    There are huge debates but

    Xbox 360:has more games and is not realy worth 350dollars

    espesialy when you add $50 and ps3 but a better franchise of games than ps3

    WII:compared to the others in gaming,franchise of games and cost it STINKS!!!!i know i have oneunless your some super monster active person

    PS3:i think is the best worth the money kick butt games has limewire to add HD to ps2 and ps1 games and nice controllers and the new games coming out jak and daxter devil may cry and gta and cod4

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    xbox 360

  • 1 decade ago

    xbox 360

  • 1 decade ago

    the 360 all the way for gaming mate

    altho the wii is really quite cool, especially with wii fit

    and gta is better on the ps3

    but the 360 tops them both, buy that

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ps3 theres more to it than every one thinks there is!!!! more people have the xbox because it came first and it was the cheaper consle so every that has one is a fag and has no money.... lol

  • 1 decade ago

    XBox 360. DONE.

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