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spybot search and destroy?

i went to the list remove programs from my computer

i have spybot searh and destroy, and then theres one called spybot search and destroy

which one do i delete?

and if i delete it will viruses go free again in my cpu?


ya but i have 2 spybots which 1 do i delete?????

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    keep spybot on your computer its a great free program for detecting spyware. if you install a newer version it probably will install over the old one. you can also add adaware another free spyware removal program. use both. you should always keep an anit virus program on your computer. avg from grisoft has a free antivirus program. it works very well. spybot is not for viruses hope this helps.

  • cHq73i
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    Remove both and just reinstall the latest version of spybot search & destroy. I suggest you use revo uninstaller because spybot can be tricky to remove. This will free up more hard drive space.

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    Spybot does not scan for virus.

    You should keep Spybot S&D, just keep the file definitions updated and run Spybot at least weekly to keep your machine free from malware & spyware.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Use an AntiVirus along with the Spyware Remover. Scan with both to cross check.

    For more on Anti-Virus and related issues check the link below :

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