Anyone ever do the Haverhill Home Staging course?

I was looking at the Haverhill Home Staging website,it looks interesting but i was wondering if anyone knows if they have a good rep or if anyone works for them..what is the course like,did they hire you? that kind of thing


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    I am not familiar with the Haverhill Home Staging course so I cannot comment on their reputation, but I am a member or the following international group. I highly recommend looking into them as an alternative choice.

    Their courses are very informative and once you become a member, you will receive all the support you need in all areas of redesign and staging and this includes: business forms, pricing, decorating tips, paint suggestions, marketing tips, insurance, etc. They have annual conferences too.

    Whatever your needs are, they will be there for you to help you along with your journey via direct email or through the forum. All the members are willing to share. Your neighbors are not your competitors but your supporters.

    Please check them out. And, good luck with your choice and career.

    Source(s): Edit: Contact one of these redesign instructors and ask how much is concentrated on the staging business. Ususally the five day course will cover this aspect of the field. Check out their websites also. They may offer staging courses only. You can earn a lot more with your own independent business than what Haverhill Home is offering and their terms are sketchy. Heath insurance and liability insurance are certainly things to consider. Figure around $500.00 + for a 1M liability policy. Heath insurance is health insurance. I cannot imagine they would be providing the best. I hope that others reply to help you out. There is a wonderful woman in BC who is a very good instructor. It may be too far for you to travel and I really do not know where you are. I assumed Toronto. IRIS instructors give you ongoing support. The market is very difficult right now in the US and you really need to hook up with a realtor which also is difficult. Some have inhouse people and some do it themselves. Joining a referral based network group helps. It all depends on the area. I don't know, I feel very strange with this company that you are asking about. I read their terms and I personally would not do it. That is just my 2 cents.
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    I think you need help. You need to talk with your friends about it. I think you can get some idea about it from your friends who are interested in such things. They can give you all the information about it. You may get all the information relating to it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm looking for some information on this course as well. It sort of sounds too good to be true.... as they guarantee full or part-time employment upon successful completion? If anyone has any information on this course, is currently enrolled, or has completed it please post your comments. Thanks

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