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If you've seen the pictures from the movie, can you give me links of the pictures, or better yet tell me each outfit Bella is wearing? and show me a picture? maybe suggest places you can buy similar clothes? I might be entering a look-a-like contest and I really wanna win! I doubt I will but if I do the money is going to charity. Anyways, help me please guys!

I don't look like Kristen Stewart, but some people say I can pull off the Bella look if I tried lol.


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    Blue blouse, kahkie (i cannot spell that) long skirt, pony tail

    eyelet lace white shirt

    Beige/Tan leather coat with sleeves rolled up (like Edward's!)

    Red Blouse (like the one Reilly stole)

    Blue shirt and skirt combo (like the one Alice bought Bella for grad)

    Or if you could you could find/make a Bella Graduation dress!!

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    It's really very basic:

    BLUE blue jeans

    long sleeve mauve henley

    pastel blue cardigan

    (All available @ old navy or other stores in the mall)

    or, remember, in the book, she says that she wears a sleeveless white top w/ lace.

    Good luck!

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    Well, I saw in the trailer that she was wearing woolen-y arm warmers, and Hollister had those for Fall/Winter, you many still be able to find them in the clearance section :)

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    no offence but i dont think u do. but thts jst my oppinion. i mean when i first read twilight, i immediatly thought of Kirsten Stewert. and when i found out tht she was gunna play bella, I FREAKED OUT WITH EXCITMENT

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    Theres some links, not sure if their what you wanted but theres some good pics of bella in them!

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    i say google it, jus google everything you just asked. i've seen the pics, but i don't recall the site.

    sorry tho :)

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