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NFL Touchdown Celebrations?

I have a debate in school. I am argueing that NFL Touchdown celebrations are good and should not be penalized. (If not too excessive).

I need as many points with back-up to prove why NFL Touchdown Celebrations should be allowed. Thanks.

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    1. It's unamerican to deny players the right to express themselves.

    2. The fans enjoy it

    3. It injects personality into the game.

    4. It adds to the drama.

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    As a football fan I like it to point. It can get excessive at times.

    As a football coach I hate it and my players will never do it.

    Ever hear the term "Act like you have been there before"

    Last season we where down by 3 with 18 seconds to go in the game. The opposing team had the ball on our 18. 4th and long and some reason the went for it. Maybe because we could not really move the ball all day. So I am thinking they will run it waste some time and leave it to thier D. The QB drops back to pass, my D drops to pass pretction. He throws it and my player picks it off at the 2 and takes it 98 yards for the TD we win. My player turns to the ref hand him the ball, high fives a couple team mates and then we shake hands.

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    You know it is not easy, getting a touchdown 99.9% and when you do. Man the intense excitement a player feels is hard to contain. The fans are celebrating, why can't a player celebrate with his fans. He just came through muscle, and helmet hell to get to that spot. Tackled pushed steped on. Gimmie a break its not fair. But you know what ? we fans have a loud voice. Without us their is no, money no games. We need to really get together and make, these people ask the fans what they want. And Goodell has , lost his mind. He is wayyyy out there, floating on some power trip. Futher more he would not, have a job if not for the fans. We spend the money, and they issue out the rules. No money no rules !!!!! Pass the word.

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    As long as the celebration does not take too long and more importantly, does not get to where it is abusive toward the other teams personnel. Things like the Icky Shuffle and the Redskins Fun Bunch are okay. Running out to the star at mid-field at Dallas are seriously lacking in class and are part of the reason the NFL is the No Fun League.

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    I love to watch Celebratons. It has become a part of football. Now the NFL took away spiking the ball unless its a touchdown. Theres nothing wrong with celebrating. Does it hurt anyone know. No. Does it let you win the game No. Your just dancing in an endzone.

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    I agree with Purple Pride. You made a touchdown, big whup! You act like it's the first one you've ever made. Though, some td celebrations are amusing to watch.

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    I don't like the group celebration penalty.

    Chad Johnson's celebrations are pretty funny.

    However things were getting out of hand for a while with the use of props so the NFL had to put a stop to that.

    That ruined the fun for everyone

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    I co-sign on the first answer, sports are ENTERTAINMENT. A celebration is entertainment, pumps up the home crowd, etc. The home crowd pays the bills, right? It all goes together. As long as it's not excessive, it's good for the sport.

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    we need celebrations T.o and chad Johnson@ there perfect they fit in with the game without them football touchdowns wouldn't be as good

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    They allow a player to be creative and express themselves outside of the regular play of the game.

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