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i have 1 1918 newfoundland 50 cent coin?

Can any one tell me what it is worth?

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    Newfoundland 50 Cent coins from the 1904 to 1919 period, from the reigns of King Edward VII and George V, in average circulated condition, generally sell in the broad range of around $5 to $9 or so, including shipping, in completed auctions on eBay.

    These coins are generally listed for sale in auctions within the Coins & Paper Money -> Canada category on that site. (Although Newfoundland was an independent Commonwealth country until 1949, when it joined the Canadian Confederation, its coins are commonly associated with Canada.)

    These coins are .925 fine Sterling silver, and contain approximately .35 Troy ounces of pure silver per coin, worth about $6.12 at today's silver prices of approximately $17.50 per Troy ounce.

    Many Newfoundland 50 Cent pieces are highly worn, and a large fraction have some flaws, such as rim nicks or bumps, scratches, or signs of old cleaning. Even in these cases, they still retain significant value because of their silver content.

    In addition, Newfoundland 50 Cent pieces were all minted in very small numbers. If these were Canadian or US coins with equivalent mintages, they'd sell for far more; however, the number of collectors of Newfoundland coinage is smaller than the number of US and Canadian coin collectors. Here's one eBay members enthusiastic Guide on this topic:


    If your coin has an original, uncleaned patina, sharp details, and possibly also some original mint lustre, it can sell for considerably higher prices. Some higher grade circulated and near- or marginally-uncirculated examples of late Newfoundland 50 Cent pieces have sold on eBay for prices in the $10-$90 range, depending on condition. Finaly, gem uncirculated coins can be valued at well over $100.

    Source(s): Krause and Mishler, Standard Catalog of World Coins
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    Newfoundland Coins For Sale

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    Approximately $10-$15.

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