Phantom Of The Opera?

In the movie, how did the phantom make sure that Christine would be given the lead in the production????? Also in the movie, when the phantom makes an appearance at the masked ball, what instructions did he give???

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    Well in "Hannibal" (Where we first see Carlotta singing, and the Opera when Christine sings 'Think of Me') The Phantom drops the backdrop, frightening Carlotta so that she would refuse to perform, giving Christine a chance to sing.

    Then later on in the Opera "Il Muto" the Phantom gives Carlotta something that makes her voice croak when she sings so that she cannot continue. The managers immediatley replace Carlotta with Christine.

    And in the Opera that the Phantom himself wrote "Don Juan Triumphant", he informs everyone at the Opera that Christine shall play the role of Aminta, the main role.

    When the Phantom appears at the Ball he tells them that they will perform his Opera, Don Juan Triumphant.. He then goes to insult Carlotta (she must learn to act), Piangi (Must lose some weight) and the managers (To take their place in their office, not the arts.). That is also when he says Christine will be the star of his opera....he also sees Raoul's engagment ring around her neck and rips it from her, saying that she belongs to him only.

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    HE put some type of chemical in a throat spray and then put it on La Carlottaes Stand. At the Ball he told Piangai to lose weight and CArlotta to stop strutting around. Alos he Said Daae was to be his forever

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    he made sure christine got the lead by changing carlotta's throat spray so she would lose her voice.

    the instructions he gives is that christine must be the lead in the production or something would happen (how he kills the stage hand guy, Buquet)

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