Canada could see a cut in gas prices buuuut......?

I Just finished reading this mornings news on about the gas prices... It clearly states in there "Given that provincial and federal taxes make up almost one-third of the price of gas, it's a myth to say governments can do nothing about the pump price, said John Williamson of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation."

So if this is so true then why aren't we seeing a cut in gas prices... Oh right it's a way of raking in the cash!?

I know this is something that we all are struggling with. And for the ones who are lucky enough to be living in a town where you do not need a vehicle to get around, well we're not all that furtunate.

Also I would have to say the 2% GST cut was BS... They cut the GST yet EVERYTHING else got more expensive... so how is that helping us?

Lets here your rants ladies and gentlemen!


Adam C- I agree people need to be doing something about it, but at the same time what are people supposed to do if they live in a small town and they need to travel 50km to get to their work place. I know that some people are buying SUV's that comsume way too much gas, which I think is just stupid!, but some people are not able to 'cut back'

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  • Adam C
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    1 decade ago
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    Actually the real solution would probably be higher taxes!

    Higher taxes = higher gas prices = consumers cut back on consumption = lower gas prices

    Higher taxes = more money available to be invested in public transport and alternative energies = lower consumption = lower gas prices.

    Europe has far higher gas prices and far better public transport: This = better for the environment, less drunk driving, less pollution (clear summer skies!), happier people!

    It can be done but first North Americans need to bite the bullet - gas prices are not coming down so long as Americans/Canadians keep consuming oil at twice the rate of European countries (per capita) and ten times as much as the global average...

    C'mon, people, stop whining and do something about it - it's in your hands; just cut back!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When the consumer is getting skrrude it is always by the invisible hand of the free-market and the law of supply and demand.

    I think it is nice how nobody is ever responsible.

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