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sounds crazy but NJ state police uniform based on Nazi uniform or Nazi Uniform based on it?

Alright, i did research online and found nothingreally accept people just saying it, no proof.

today someone swore up and down that they were based on each other. that hitler based his uniform on the state troopers. I can't help but notice they have the same cut and finish so is tehre any truth behind this myth or is this all nonsense.

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    In addition to its distinctive triangular badge, Troopers wear a distinctive uniform for regular patrol duties, which is normally reserved for "Class A" functions in nearby state police forces (Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania).

    Its origins, according to common NJ folklore and Col. Schwarzkopf's diaries, are in German uniforms of the inter-war period which were found to be sufficiently smart and imposing, while practical.

    The winter uniform consists of a light blue Army-style coat, known as a blouse, with brass buttons, and gold triangular patches, with "N.J." on the right lapel and "S.P." on the left.

    The blouse is worn over a dress shirt and navy necktie (light blue shirt for sergeants and below, white for lieutenants and above), with navy blue trousers or riding breeches bearing a gold stripe on each side.

    During the summer, the coat is replaced with a long-sleeve blue shirt, while a necktie is still worn. For safety reasons, only clip-on ties are worn.

    A saucer-shaped cap (as opposed to a "Smokey Bear" hat worn in Delaware and Pennsylvania and a "Cavalry" hat in New York and Maryland) is worn, with two straps--one going over the crown, giving the uniform a distinctive, almost German Army-like appearance, appropriate to the uniform's origin.

    It seems the uniform was developed for its "crisp and uniform" appearance. There is no relationship to it's development because of the Nazi uniform but only because of its "almost German Army-like appearance."

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    Nj State Police Uniform

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    New Jersey State Police Uniform

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    Hitler is dead so I'd say the NJ State Police based their uniforms on the Nazi design.

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    nonsense. The have been wearing the same uniforms since 1921 when they where founded.

    I highly doubt the Nazis based their uniforms on the NJ state police, either.

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    Those Nazis know how to dress they troops didn't they and they certainly had the attentions of millions when they marched.

    Just like those troopers that drive the Jersey Turnpike.

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    Thank you all for your replies and opinions.

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    This is weird

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