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Will you support McCain's Common Sense Revolution?

1) He will pull troops out of Iraq in an orderly fashion, like Hillary's plan.

2) He will reduce spending and the size of the government.

3) He will reduce taxes.

4)He will carry out low-level to high-level talks with Iran and other enemies of America.

5) He will not have a presidential summit with any enemy until it ceases to be a threat.

6) He will defend Israel and strike back against any and all attacks.

7) He will make sure every American has a chance to have health insurance through tax credits.

8) He will work with Congress and avoid any vetoes.

9) He will nominate justices for the U.S. Supreme Court that are politically neutral.

10) He will work with the states to make it easier for a 3rd party to be nationally competative.

11) He will check all free-trade agreements to make sure they are not hurting American workers.

12) He will increase the size of America's armed forces so that they can respond to any threat against America.

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    Yes, I support McCain's platform and pray that he does everything in his power to uphold these promises once he's elected president.

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    It is intrinsically contradictory, amongst other things.

    Is he really trying to coopt the word 'revolution'?


    I don't believe him for a moment, based on his record.

    Ron Paul, who IS leading a r3VOLution, on the other hand, is amazingly consistent and inspiring.

    Using the WORD won't do the trick.

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