Jeams Brown" <

i just want to know if this person really exists in the canadaian immigraion consultants, cause i am going to pay him for some amount of money for the processing of my working visa...


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    1 decade ago
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    The Canadian immigration consultants professional group which is approved by the Canadian immigration dept (CIC). The only Brown currently listed as legitimate is Ellis Earl Brown M041647

    The best way to find out quickly is to ask this Jeams (James?) Brown for his CSIC number. If he says he does not have one - then he is either a fraud, or he not legal. If he gives you one that does not start with an M, it is a fraud. If he does give you one starting with an M, then us the above web site (input the number) to find out who that number really does belong to.

    There is NO Jeams or James Brown listed on the CSIC website. Not as a current member, not on the suspended or revoked members list and not on the former reps list either - which means he is most likely a fraud.

    He is not on the CAPIC list either.

    CAPIC is not a profesional consultants group. Look to me like it is a splinter group - for some reason it seems to have split away from CSIC. CSIC is the only approved government professional group.

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    1 decade ago

    CIC usually means "Citizenship and Immigration Canada": any person that takes the name of a Government Oranization in his e-mail id is less likely to be genuine.

    An Immigration consultant: with a Yahoo id and no domain registered in his/her own name? Come on!!

    There is an organization called Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants (OPIC) that lists and gives professional accreditation to immigration consultants.

    Contact them to find out if he is really a member of them. If he is, then he is genuine. If not, you know you are dealing with a potential fraudster.

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    1 decade ago

    It is a scam and a fake. The person you're dealing with is a cheap slimy crook. Do not pay that person anything. At all. Government email does not use something public like Yahoo.

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