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Why do dogs like to lie in the sun when it is warm inside and pretty hot outside?

I wonder if it has anything to do with their skin making Vitamin D like we do. Can dogs make Vitamin D if the sun shines on them? Does their fur keep the sun from shining on their skin so they can't? How do wild dogs get their Vitamin D?

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    For one thing their body temperature is around 101˚F the sun may not be as warm on them as it is to you. The following is copied from a website I found below, the link is posted as well so yo can read the full article.

    "The animal body really needs two hours daily of good sunlight (without sunglasses in

    order for the eyes to also absorb sunlight) in order to be emotionally and physically

    balanced. Going outside into the sunshine and fresh air with your pet whether it is a bird, dog, cat or rabbit is one of the finest things you can do for your precious pet and yourself.

    Placing a pet near a window is helpful, but today’s window panes normally have a small amount of UV protection built into the glass. Our suggestion if at all possible, take your little pal outside with you and both of you go for a nice long walk everyday. Obviously this is not possible for everyone, but we still wanted to share with you our thoughts on the wonders of Mother Nature’s own remedies to a multiple of health problems."

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    Yes, dogs need vitamin D and they do indeed get it from the sun. I'm not exactly sure how it gets past dogs with thick coats, but I suppose it does somehow. There are other sources of D though.

    How they can stand to lay in the hot sun is another question entirely. Both of my dogs are black. One is a lab with a ton of hair....if I leave the back door open, they will both go out there and just plop down in the sunniest area of the yard.

    Here's a site talking more about vit D with dogs. I found another one, but it isn't as informative.

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    i don't be conscious of approximately nutrition D, yet my canine can not take the warmth. I shrink his walks as a results of fact the climate gets warmer. he's a ingredient pug and section chiuaua. Cats prefer to place interior the solar however. So do snakes. So do I.

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    At the vitamin barn

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