Are you afraid as I am of having Barack Obama being our next USA president?

Allah or Jesus Christ? ... By Rick Mathes

Here is the website for you to look up and read for yourself:

as I studied in my university that Michigan had the highest Islams living in that state, it was not a surprise seeing John Edwards and Barack Obama doing their 'endorsement speech' there in Michigan.

We have to realize that Islam wants to destroy Western Christianity, and maybe just a thought that Obama will be the tool to do this to USA. If USA becomes a Islamic run state than the rest of the world will be taken over also. Scary, Please read the two websites mentioned above before commenting to this question.

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    1 decade ago
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    I have been a Marine for 30+ years and have seen many men die and have fought many fierce battles and had my leg blown off and several friends die when my humvee got blown up by an IED and nothing scares me as much as having that idiot as our next President.

    He will cause millions of people to die due to his incompetence! He will surrender in Iraq and that will embolden our enemies and they WILL attack us on OUR SOIL again. The Middle East will also be thrown into turmoil and millions will die in the ensuing battles. Then many more millions will die of starvation from the huge spike in oil prices causing the food prices to skyrocket.

    The thought of that idiot in power TERRIFIES me! I have a son fighting in Iraq still and I don't want to lose him.

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    *Barak is a professed Christian not a Muslim

    *USA is a country not a state (It's there in the name! states, plural)

    *The US can't take over the world

    *You are paranoid

    *The President doesn't have that much executive power

    If you're pointing at those web articles to highlight the views of radical Islamic jihadist, We get it! They are horrible and what to kill us infidels in the name of Allah. But this has been the case for hundreds of years. Why panic now? Whoever becomes the next president will be fine by most standards. Bush has set the bar so low that the only way to mess it up is to have no president at all.

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    No. the final time to push your guy or woman schedule is while there's a significant substitute contained in the works. The swap from Republicans to Democrats contained in the White living house probably in basic terms made those distant places strikes much greater straightforward to drag off. yet who cares who's in potential contained in the White living house? What precisely do you go with the President to do? Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran and South Korea are sovereign international locations. The U.S. President - Democrat or Republican - has no applicable to tell them what they are in a position to or can no longer do - no greater suitable than they could tell the U.S. what it could and would't do. Are you suggesting that Obama could threaten to attack them in the event that they do no longer do what he needs? isn't that for the duration of basic terms going to push them even closer to Russia and the Taliban? does not that in simple terms make the U.S. appear as if an imperialist aggressor? Obama and something of the international's leaders have greater suitable than in simple terms distant places affairs to concern approximately applicable now. The collapsing financial gadget desires to be fastened ASAP. mockingly, the U.S. would have greater money to spend on distant places operations if Bush hadn't wasted plenty attacking Iraq. it is long been comprehend that Pakistan is mushy on the Taliban, so does not it have made greater sense to spend the components there than in a rustic that had no ties to 9-11 terrorism? Joe Biden's remark became into extremely prophetic, notwithstanding it is not any longer unique to Barrack Obama. Any incoming President would have confronted an analogous stressful circumstances. the international is incredibly tousled applicable now, so there are going to be some changes. regrettably, a number of those changes are going to be undesirable.

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    No I am afraid of liars and xenophobes!

    Barack Obama is Christian not Muslim

    Freedom of religion is protected under the first amendment even if he were Muslim.

    W. is a Christian and he has caused more harm to this country than anyone.

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    1 decade ago

    Wow there is so much wrong with this question I don't know where to begin but I'll try.

    First let's start with the title "Allah or Jesus Christ"

    Allah means God in Arabic and Jesus Christ is supposed to be the son of God so that title makes no sense, are they putting God against his son Jesus Christ?

    And lastly you said:

    "I studied in my university that Michigan had the highest Islams living in that state"

    I think you meant Muslims not Islams. Islam is the religion and Muslims practice the religion.

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    1 decade ago

    I read the two web sites that you listed, very informative, although, I have always felt this way, it's nice to have it backed up by a man of God & Jesus! I will never vote for Obama, I do not believe he is the man that we see & that he pretends to be, I think he is something totally different, but he is a good showman & has a lot of people fooled. No Obama for me, ever!

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    1 decade ago

    Considering they are both crazy paranoid Christian propaganda, I'm not going to waste my time reading it.

    You're paranoid. This isn't some giant conspiracy. Get over it.

    And not too long ago, Christians were killing Pagans and Native Americans, trying to convert everyone and get rid of the non-believers. Pot, meet kettle.

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    1 decade ago

    Two points.

    1) Barack Hussein Obama is more of a Christian than you are.

    2) Rick Mathes made that story up. (Read the details of the Break the Chain article.)


    No, what frightens me is that people like you are actually allowed to vote.

    Try getting your facts right for once.

  • billy
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    1 decade ago

    I don't exactly worry about it but he is not the candidate of my choice and I don't think he will be good for the U.S. and I hope his fellow Democrats can hold him in check if he gets the election.

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    No, I'm not afraid when he becomes the next USA President. I am a Born-again, Spirit-filled Believer and a registered Republican.

    However, you remind me of the many white females that I have observed in public, who through unwarranted and sterotypical fears, tightly clutch their purses while passing by an African-American male.

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