Can I join SASTRA???

Hai Friends! I have completed +2 in TN State board with 1107/1200(92.25%).I love to pursue my engineering UG at Sastra university,Tanjore.Please help me, if I could get a seat there? If yes kindly guess which course from the following can I get? 1)Information&Communication Tech



Kindly reply.I am worried guyz znd galz...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    why don't u try Anna University affiliated colleges???

    If your MPC cut off is good,why leave the chance??

    Surely you'll get in good institutions.Have SASTRA as second option.If u go n join there and later ,if you get in oone of the good colleges near ur place thru counselling,then u would regret.SASTRA also does,nt refund ur fees(u'll have to waste nearly a lakh).

    All the Best

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