Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Bata?

Ok guys, I downloaded Yahoo Messenger 9.0 (beta) But in order for it to be completely install I must install Active X (adoba flash player) Window Vista and Internet Explorer is blocking this add-on, I know what to do to make it as an add-on, but what I want to know, Is Yahoo putting out this New version of Messenger? Is it safe to download and install? Have anyone tried this new version of messenger yet?

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    That other person is incorrect you do need Adobe Flashplayer for Yahoo Messenger to work. That person must already have it installed and not realize it. This is a legitimate version of Yahoo Messenger. Since it is still beta which means testing stage it might have bugs. A lot of people use this version but if it does not work right for you, you can always uninstall, reboot, and then get the If you are having trouble installing it, you might need to temporarily disable your User Account Control (UAC). If you have futher problems installing it try this full installer, it is also from yahoo but is a full installer which means it has all the components needed to install without connecting to the internet which the regular installer does to access yahoo servers. I will give links to the full installers of all available versions.


    Try rebooting your computer then do not open any programs except going to and downloading new installer and save it to your desktop. Now double click it and run the installer.

    If the above does not work or if you are using Windows Vista try using this link for the full installer (does not rely on yahoo servers). If on vista right click the full installer and choose install as administrator.

    Full Installer for Yahoo Messenger

    Full Installer for Yahoo Messenger Beta 9.00.921

    Full Installer for Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista beta

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    I've got 9;0 beta and i didn't have to install active x adobe flash player i also have windows vista and dsl so yours may be diffrent

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    its incredibly undemanding. u could obtain messenger 8.a million and enter your yahoo! e mail identity and password. then, you may commence the messenger. u can keep contacts, chat and mail additionally in yahoo! mesenger . u could additionally keep your avatar. u could additionally see the chat historic previous. { chat historic previous skill the paregraphs u had chat with your individuals and so on. }

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