"how do you access the usb port from the thin client to your laptop" - H e l p Please!!!.?

"how do you access the usb port from the thin client to your laptop."

Any ideas how is this done..? via a connector or cable??

Im using a thin client on the network- however it doesnt have a USB2.0 slot.. so basically i requested to buy another laptop/computer with a USB2.0 port etc...

Im using somone else's laptop at the moment.

I want to put a requistion through- but im dealing with a tough nut in the IT department- who is termed 'coffin boy' but others.. he's not such a bad guy- but i want to know what the hek he is talking about in the above statement..


the laptop has a USB 2.0 the thin client doesnt. I need two computers that have access to a USB port.. its a new IBM notebook

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    What you would have to do is 'share' the device that was plugged into a computer that does have a USB port.

    For example, if you plug a thumb-drive into a USB slot, it will get mapped to a drive letter on the computer. If you right-click on the drive, you can access 'Sharing and security' and you can make it available to other people on the network, to everyone or just specific users.

    From your thin-client, you can just map the remote drive to a local letter by going to 'Tools >> Map Network Drive...' from Windows Explorer.

    Please add more info to your question if this doesn't help you.


    How about telling us what you kind of device you are trying to connect to the USB port? Also:

    1. The laptop has to be connected to the network as well. Obviously.

    2. Plug in the USB device (storage or possibly printer, we are assuming).

    3. Share the new device from your laptop, giving it any name you like.

    4. From your Thin Client, access the shared device. If your laptop has name 'nbfever' and you share your device as 'drwho', then the shared network name will be '\\nbfever\drwho'

    Anybody who knows anything about computers can help you with any of these steps, if you don't know how to do it.

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    If your laptop doesn't have a USB port then it is really too old to be useful to you. Computer manufacturers started including USB-1 on computers around the time Windows 98 was launched. Some hardware requires USB2, which is the current standard, and significantly faster.

    If you don't have the port, there is nothing you can do about it other than get a new computer.

    Edit: You might try sharing the device if it indeed is a printer or storage device. I'm not exactly sure what you're asking.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Unless I'm mistaken, your PC IS the "thin client", and, if you're connected to the company Intranet, you are already connected to the "thin server" via Ethernet cable.

    See below for more info:

    Explain your problem to your company's IT people. They can SHOW you how to connect your PC to the "thin server" application software using just your browser, no USB required.

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