Debt Collectors...!!?

Recently i purchased a cell phone using my mothers credit card with her permition of course. Well, when i got tha first months bill, it was for $800.00 & im so not paying that. So, my question is, if i continue to refuse to pay this debt what affects will it have on me? Will they continue to raise the debt? Will they sue? & if i dont go to court what will happen? Will i be able to get another cell phone with a different company? Will I have bad credit? I dont own any credit cards or pay taxes because i dont work.


The cell phone is in my name, not my mothers.

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    It really depends on if you are disputing the bill or refusing to pay the bill. Because if you are disputing the bill, I would get that bill and bring to the office and dispute it with them or dispute with customer service. Because if you can get it resolved before it terminates, you would be fine

    If an account was to reach more than 60 days past due, that is when the account at risk of terminating and that is when the calls will start. (In the meantime, you would be charged for the rate plan and the features that you got)

    At 90 or more days is when the cell phone company would terminated the account. If you signed a contract, a breakage fee would be assested. Some companies would have another department (an in-house collection or recovery department), where it would sit for another month while they attempt to collect.

    If it's not collected, then it would go to an outside collection agency or their lawyers, to which then THAT IS WHEN IT WOULD AFFACT YOUR CREDIT. Depending on the amount and where you live is if you could get sued? Would it be reported on your credit, YES. Could you be able to get another cell phone, YES BUT expect maybe a credit limit.

    Now, if you do not show up to court if it's goes that far, A default judgement would be entered against you

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    You think its OK to run up an $800 cell phone bill and then just not pay? You've got alot to learn.

    On the other hand, that $800 will continue to grow. Be sent to a collection agency and they will hound you to your grave. You really don't want to ruin your credit.

    & No you will not be able to get another phone in your name with a different company with that collection.

    Source(s): I've worked for Verizon for 5 years.
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    You should be responsible for yourself and pay the bill.

    It will only grow to be a bigger bill, it won't stop collecting insterest, and basically, your credit will be screwed and you won't be able to get another phone - or anything else credit related for that matter.

    Next time, go for a prepaid. You obviously can't handle a credit based system, and the prepaid will help you avoid these types of situations.

    In Addition: They will keep calling you and if your mom's name is anywhere on that phone (as a buyer or co-signer) they will call her too. If you are a minor, she may eventually be responsible to pay the debt.

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    The bill will probably go to a collections agency. They will go after whoever's name is on the phone bill and that person's credit will be negatively affected. For only $800, they will not sue.

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    I will go down on your credit report under negative and it will lower you credit score. They will after awhile refer it to a collection agency and yes the amount you owe can go up because the collection agency will tact on fees too. You may be able to get another phone with another company, but you will have to put down a deposit. It's not really a positive way to start off your credit though,

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    Bad credit = you promised to pay, or you owed money, and you didn't pay.

    Trying to game the system to manipulate your FICO score won't change that basic fact.

    Will they sue? Maybe.

    What if you don't show up to court?

    Legally, it's called a "default judgement".

    The judge will have no choice but to issue a judgement for EVERYTHING they ask for (the debt, 30% interest, lawyer's fees, punitive damages, and $25,000,000 on top of that)

    If you think it's unreasonable to charge you $25,000,000, well, you had your chance to explain it to the judge, but you didn't show up....

    If it's your mom's credit card, then she's ALSO responsible for the difference, and the only way to get herself out of paying would be for your mama to sue you.

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    Your mother will suffer the consequences of your attitude. Her credit rating will go down the tubes. She could have salary garnisheed or be dragged into court. Make some arrangements and pay what you owe.

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