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angle fish with Discus?

hi guys i was just wondring if i can keep angle fish with Discus togather

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    I would strongly suggest you do NOT do that unless your tank is VERY large (upwards of 100 gallons). These are Cichlids, and if you keep them in the groups they need, pairs will likely form, and when pairs form, fish get aggressive. The tank would become a battlefield of territorial parents fighting for space, vertical surfaces (to spawn on), and food. Discus are fairly timid (when not breeding), while the Angels will zoom right to the surface for food. Also, Angels are considerably more aggressive in general and have been known to pick at Discus. Again, in anything less than a 100 gallon tank, I would really only consider keeping one species.

    Also, Pterophyllum eimekei is not its own species, just an obsolete synonym of P. scalare (the most commonly sold pure species of Angelfish).

    EDIT: Looking through Ray's highly flawed and definitely-not-from experience answers, I have some things to point out... Discus should be at a temperature considerably higher than 80* in most cases-- 75* will quickly kill them from stress. Also, Discus are NOT omnivorous, and will entirely ignore vegetable material. Just because they are in the same family means nothing-- Managua Cichlids are also in the same family as Discus, and nobody in their right mind would consider putting them together. Also, many Angelfish prefer water of a considerably higher pH than Discus, even as high as the high 7's.

    Source(s): My Discus.
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    Hi, Yes you can keep angels with Discus. You will needed to make sure that the angels that you keep with them have the same water, temp and dietary needs as the Discus most do. So I would suggest the following Angels. Pterophyllum scalare, Pterophyllum altum, Pterophyllum dumerlii and Pterophyllum eimekei. Scalare and Eimekei are the most common in hobby and cheapest. Here is a website that might help you.

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    i does no longer. Angels and discus hardly blend, discus are basically too shy and docile. you're able to shop communicate in there with basically the bristlenose and the neons yet even then you're into the subject of nicely suited temperatures. Discus do appropriate at approximately 28C and that's on the better cut back for neons and too heat for many "plecos"

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    Yes, you could keep them together.

    I would suggest you Angelfish or scientific name Pterophyllum scalare and Discus or scientific name Symphysodon spp.

    The reason :

    1.Same family that is cichlid

    2.They share almost the same water condition.

    -temperature 24-28C (75-82 F)

    -pH 6.0-7.0

    3.Their average size almost the same that is 15cm (6 in) but usually smaller in tank.

    4.They have same body shape that is compressed (FLATTENED LATERALLY)

    5.Require slow movement of water (use slower filter current)

    6.Same diet that is omnivorous.

    Important don't mix them with other smaller and aggressive fish.

    Hope my answer may solve your curiosity.

    Source(s): From my experience.
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    Honestly, I wouldnt try it.discus are slow, gentle, and may be harassed by the angelfish. eventually they will stop feeding. even if you remove the angelfish, the discus may not eat. obviously, that will kill them. don't risk it, as discus aren't exactally 12 cents each.

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