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Appreciation Day...?

I need ideas for Janitor Appreciation Day, Secretary Appreciation Day and Teacher Appreciation Day




oo well we have converors at r school and i need ideas for "appreciation" convenor and i NEED ideas... but ya i agree its a weird/usless concept

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    My idea is to not observe them. I have a real objection to the concept of having a "gift buying day" for someone for doing their job. Where do we draw the line? How about CEO's day?

    I will not observe secretary's day until secretarys start observing graphic designer's day (I am a designer). I would never accept it, though, even if they offered because I view every pay day as graphic designer's day. I don't think people deserve special praise for doing EXACTLY what they are expected (and employed) to do.

    Now, if there is an "Overachiever's Day" which is not job-specific, I could get behind that. People who go above and beyond deserve some appreciation.

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    Janitor Appreciation Day

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