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any other teens going on alaskan cruise beginning of july?

My families going on a royal Caribbean cruise to alaska beginning of july. wondering if theres any other teens going

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    Like the person above me said, there will be other teens on cruise ships in the summer months due to summer vacation. I am a teen and I just got back two days ago from an Alaskan cruise as a matter of fact : ). I went on the Holland America ship the Oosterdam and it was fantastic. So I hope you enjoy your Alaskan cruise, I know I did.

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    You will always find teens on cruises to Alaska during the summer months. In fact all summer cruises to anywhere will have teens as well as smaller kids on board. So don't worry, you will meet lots of teens.

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    I went on one final june. there have been lots of babies/youngsters/older human beings...all human beings. No offense, yet babies seem to reject cruises. i don't understand why particularly. They do tend to sulk. A cruise is a floating lodge. lots to do! they have teen golf equipment as properly. i observed that when those babies stumbled on the babies golf equipment, they began to appreciate themselves. On carnival, you have lots of babies. And Alaska is fairly cool! see in case you're able to do a river raft trip in Juneau, or perhaps ziplining. have exciting...its particularly cool

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