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I realize this is a bad question that has an obvious answer, but I don't know much about phones. I live in Canada, and I love T mobile phones (like sidekicks) but I don't know if you can get them in Canada. If there is anyway to get it in Canada please tell me. thanks :D

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    You can get their phones and then get them unlocked and you can use them in Canada but as far as getting T-Mobile Phones with the service of T-Mobile that would not be possible since T-Mobile USA you are in Canada that would be roaming in another country.

    If im not mistaking T-Mobile Sidekicks cannot be unlocked because there features work with a company called Danger that uses their servers for internet on the Sidekicks and data features.

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  • Well, right now Tmobile does not have service available in Canada but I heard down the grapevine that Tmobile will be expanding its service area to into Canada in the near future. Tmobile has a roaming agreement with Rogers/Fido providers so you can use Tmobile service in Canada without a problem, however you would still be considered roaming and will be incurring 0.49/min for long distance and 0.20/min for roaming in Canada.

    Source(s): www.tmobile.com
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