What exactly is a hat trick in hockey ?

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    In both field hockey and ice hockey a hat-trick is when a player scores three goals in a game. Although people may consider a hat trick as three goals scored in a row, this is commonly confused with a natural hat trick (below).

    If a member of the home team in ice hockey scores a hat-trick, fans acknowledge it by throwing their own hats from the stands onto the ice, often causing a delay in play. This custom was started in Guelph ON, in the fifties when the then farm team of the New York Rangers was the Guelph Biltmore Madhatters, whose sponsor was Biltmore Hats, a leading manufacturer of hats with North American dominance. The sponsor would award any home team player with a new hat whenever three goals were scored by the same player. This tradition followed into the NHL with Sammy Taft, a Canadian businessman who died at 81 on Jan 2 1994[citation needed]. Mr Taft would offer a hat from his Toronto shop for any player who scored 3 times in a game (the 'hat' trick) at Maple Leaf Gardens. Fans throughout the league soon followed his lead and offered their hats to the player as well, throwing them onto the ice.

    In 1996, the Florida Panthers fans celebrated goals (not just hat-tricks) by throwing plastic rats onto the ice, which were then cleaned up by men dressed in Orkin exterminator outfits. The history of this goes back to an incident in December 1995, when Scott Mellanby scored what teammate John Vanbiesbrouck dubbed a "rat trick" after ridding the Panthers' locker room at Miami Arena of an unwanted rat with his stick on the same night he scored a pair of goals[citation needed]. When Mellanby scored a hat trick in a later game some fans threw plastic rats on the ice, mimicking the octopus thrown by Detroit Red Wings fans, and the practice soon became universal for Panthers home goals. The NHL later responded by banning the throwing of objects onto the ice by fans at the cost of a penalty for the home team, but specifically allowed the traditional throwing of hats to continue. There appears to be some leeway with regards to what can be thrown onto the ice following a hat trick, as witnessed after the Nashville Predators' Paul Kariya scored a hat trick on April 18, 2006 when two catfish were thrown on the ice and no penalty was given[citation needed].

    Former Blackhawk Bill Mosienko holds the NHL record for scoring the fastest hat trick,[citation needed] scoring 3 goals in 21 seconds against the New York Rangers on March 23, 1952.

    A natural hat trick is when a player scores either a) a goal in each of the three periods, b) three goals in one period, or c) three of his team's goals in succession in one game. A player accomplishes a Gordie Howe hat trick by scoring a goal, getting an assist, and getting in a fight all in the same game (though Howe himself only recorded one in his career). While this description has remained popular, it doesn't satisfy the conditions of a hat trick. Mario Lemieux once accomplished what was unofficially referred to as a "Mario Lemieux hat trick" in 1993, by receiving radiation treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma the day of the game, and then scoring a goal and an assist that night against the Philadelphia Flyers. He has also recorded a "5-goal hat trick" (or the "ultimate hat trick", or a "quintella",or "A Texas Hat trick", or "Lemieux Cycle") in which he scored in five possible game situations in one game, on 31 December 1988 against the New Jersey Devils. He scored on a powerplay, short handed, even strength, penalty shot and an empty net goal. Calgary Flames star Jarome Iginla came close on February 23, 2003 against the Phoenix Coyotes: he scored on a powerplay, shorthanded, even strength and an empty net goal, but Mario Lemieux is the only player to score the "Quintella" in NHL history.


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    A hat trick applies to ice hockey when one player scores 3 or more goals in a single game. A hat trick is quite an accomplishment.

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    3 goals in one game. A natual hat tick is tree in a row with no other goals. Unless your talking about the gordie howe hat trick that even Gordie never got. 1-fighting major 1- goal and 1-assist. Gotta love hockey

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    when a player scores 3 goals in a game it is a hat trick

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    its when one player scores three goals in one game. people often says they have to be in a row, uninterrupted, but that is not the case. that is a traditional hat trick.

    its called a hat trick because when he scores his third, the fans throw their hats onto the ice.

    hat tricks are also in futbol (soccer).

    gordie howe hat tricks are cool: 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 fight.

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    its 3 goals in a game, and a natural hat trick is scoring 3 consecutive goals

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    When a player scores 3 goals in a game.

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    scoring 3 goals in a game,

    a traditional hat trick is scoring 3 goals consecutively

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    3 goals in 1 game

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