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What role does Betty White play in The Bold and The Beautiful?

I heard she was playing a character on the Bold and The Beautiful, It's not Pamela is it? Could you also keep me up to date on what's going on on the show? I haven't seen it in a few weeks since I'm a teacher. At least it's almost summer break. And no running in the hall. Just joking. Thank You.

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    Pamela is played by the mom from Wonder Years.

    As for a recap, Eric married Donna, whose child, Marcus, just showed up on the scene. Donna gave Marcus up for adoption when she was a teenager. Only Storm, her mom, and her aunt knew. Now, only Katie knows.

    Storm shot Katie accidentally and then shot himself to give her his heart, which her body is now starting to reject.

    Ridge and Brooke are still engaged, but there is no date set for the wedding. As the Forrester kids fight with Eric over his marriage to Donna and her role at the company, Ridge seems to be getting closer to Ashley, who agrees with Ridge, Thorne, and Felicia about Donna's company role.

    Phoebe returned from Austrailia and discovered her mom and Rick in bed. Taylor agreed to give up Rick for Phoebe, but then Phoebe decided not to stand in their way. Taylor and Rick are engaged.

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    Betty played Ann Douglas, Stephanie Forrester's mother, on 17 episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful."

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    She played Stephanie's mother ... she was only on for a few shows.

    Well Storm shot Katie, then killed himself to save Katie, now Katie's body is not accepting the new heart (Storm's heart).

    Eric and Donna got married, Donna's son showed up in town, Donna is afraid to tell Eric about her son. Eric's kids are being their childish spoiled selves.

    Brooke is Brooke like always.

    Bridgette and Nick are back together even though Katie likes him and wants to be with him.

    There you are caught up!

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    she is supposed to be Pammy's and Stephani's mother. i haven't seen her for a long time, at least since January / Februaray i think. maybe she went back to Chicago.

    i think i know how Pam got to be such a nut case.

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    She plays Stephanie and Pam's mother.

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    she is pam and thems mom.

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