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I am worried about my Dog ...Please Help?

I have a Lhasa apso , about a year old .. he is a very happy Guy But in the last few days he has not been ,but eating alright but just not his happy self ,then today I came home and he could hardly move ,, I am going to take him to vet 2marrow morning as soon as it opens , and I notice that he has alot of salva in his mouth , real tackey ... I have been making sure I give him water ..sence he is weak I been putting some in a straw and droping little by little in his mouth .. I am scared I love my dog ... anyone Know what i can so for him untill i get him in the vet in morn ... or have acle what might bee wronge with him ???


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    Hi Delphine

    Sounds like his condition has deteriorated quickly in the past 12 hours. This warrants at least a call to the Vet, Now, to see what he/she recommends. If you have a thermometer, it would be a good idea to take his temperature, and be able to relay that to the Vet.

    Best of luck.

    Source(s): Dad's a retired Vet.
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    Hello, i know you're scared but you need to be on top of things here mate - your dog is sick, theres no two ways about it! To have spittle that is gluey and tacky is a BAD sign! He needs a vet NOW mate, not in the morning, its too serious to wait that long! Find a 24 hour vet and take him there - his health is everything to you so make sure they check everything out! Wishing you all the best.

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    Take him to the emergency vet tonight. I lost a dog today even though I acted right away. I would hate for you to feel the way I do right now.

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    I would take him to an emergency vet TONIGHT. There's a chance he could die during the night. Sounds like he got into something he shouldn't have.

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    you need to be careful not to wait, a dog that size can dehydrate really quick, if you have a 24 hour vet, it may cost more but you really should take the risk of waiting till morning

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    i would call the vet tonight and make an emergency vet visit, he may not make it to the morning. he may have swallowed something thet is obstructing his system and it could kill him

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    rush to a vet be very quick and you can just save his life

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    i would take him to a 24hour vet if you have one.

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