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Longer-lasting perfume?

Hey everyone!

I have to explain how to make perfume for my assignment. Does anyone know how to make a perfume longer-lasting? Are there special chemicals that you blend in with the perfume?

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    The way that perfumes are blended can indeed have a vital impact on the durability of the scent. A perfume extract or eau de parfum with a higher ratio of fragrance to other ingredients will generally outlast an eau de cologne with a lower concentration of aromatic compounds. Essentially, more pure Ingredients that have a scent will last longer!

    Perfume Longevity: It also depends on what else is in there

    The other ingredients in a perfume or cologne blend can also affect how long a fragrance will linger. For example, many perfumes use fixatives to make a scent last longer and have a stronger scent without altering the overall fragrance.

    The Wearer also effects Perfume Longevity

    However, the lifespan of the exact same perfume can also vary dramatically from person to person. This is because the specific chemicals of your body react with fragrances in a unique manner. The acidity of your skin or the hormones that you are secreting can influence the longevity and scent of a particular perfume. An even more important factor, however, is how dry your skin is. Moist or oily skin retains perfume fragrances far more easily than dry, flaky skin does. And also sometimes the person wearing the scent may think it has faded, but they can become a custom to it, while others can still smell the scent.

    Lack of Perfume Longevity: Blame it on the weather

    Finally, the chemicals used in perfumes are very sensitive to fluctuations in the weather. On a very warm day, perfume is likely to dissipate more quickly. This means that the same perfume on the same person can last longer on one day than on the next. Your body is scentive to hot and cold and this effects how long the scent will stay on you!

    Here are some questions commonly asked by people considering buying a new perfume, or having issues with the longevity of their current one!

    Do Perfumes Linger on Specific Parts of the Body?

    There are some misconceptions about where the best places on the body to use perfume are. Some people think that the hair will retain the scent of perfume the longest, but this is actually not true. For the longest lasting fragrance, perfumes should be spread lightly but evenly over the entire body. Many people apply scent only to the upper body; however, this means that as the perfume rises throughout the day, it is quickly lost. An application of fragrance to the lower part of the body will ensure that you remain scented throughout the day. So where you put it could make a real difference in how long you hold onto the pleasant aroma throughout the day.

    Pulse points are also an important place to apply fragrance, since the warmth of your blood will gently propel the scent into the air around you. This will really have you smelling good.

    What Can I Do to Extend the Life of My Fragrance?

    Although dry skin is one of the primary reasons for scent that loses its fragrance too quickly, it is also one of the easiest problems to correct. Moisturizing your skin with an unscented or matching scent lotion before applying fragrance will help you to retain your perfume throughout the day. Now thats not so hard, you can layer the scent, and keep you skin moisturized and in great condition.

    Perfume Longevity: Vary it up

    Many perfume scents come in a variety of applications, including lotions and powders as well as a liquid for sprays or splashes. By layering your scent with these different applications, you can help it to last longer while increasing the moisture of your skin.

    A perfect time to apply your perfume is directly after a shower or bath, because your skin is naturally warm and moist at that point. And the Best thing about layering your scent, is gift packs, sometimes perfume counters have gift packs that give you a free moisturizer or body spray when you purchase the perfume in a larger size, or for a holiday! So be sure to check out bargains.

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