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Israeli/Iran war **10 points*?

What do you think a war between the Israelis and Iran would look like...regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions?

Would it be just a strike? Or would the Israelis send in ground troops to verify that their nuclear weapons are diminished?

Please provide details on the "strike" part or the "ground troop" part.

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    Israel stated that they will not allow Iran to become nuclear. Iran leadership stated that they want to blow Israel off the face of the earth. I suppose I would not let them become nuclear capable either. Israel already has blow up Syria's nuclear facilities, and they will blow up Iran's if when they get close.

    Since we are allies with Israel, they will drag us into that campaign.

    On a good note we are strategically set for this already with troops on both sides. (Iraq and Afghanistan). Along with Aircraft carrier groups.

    I don't think it would lead up to our troops going into Iran, but a massive shock and awe campain. Iran has a massive amount of missiles pointed at US bases in Iraq and our Air Defense capabilities would be drastically overwelled. Iran did state that if we bombed them or invaded them, they would send all there missiles at our bases in Iraq and at Israel. We would have to try to blow up most of their missiles and use the element of suprise.

    Just hope Israel doesn't try to act alone, or it could get to be a mess.

    I don't think a ground war would happen.

    If Obama gets elected, he will go to Iran and make friends with them and probably let Israel be on there own.

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    Iran "nuclear ambitions" as the North Korean are not intended to achieve nuclear capability for the sake of it but to put a stop to the continuous treats from Israel and the USA,if it was not for that they would have never pursue this policy. Iran would never attack first but if the other parties will, it will only trigger World War III and a nuclear one this time.Remember that the only Country who has ever used nuclear weapons is The USA and recently have been used to do the Israeli dirty work in Iraq.

    Early this year there were indications (judging from troops movements) of the preparation of a triple front combined attack,fortunately the USA came to its senses (maybe because of the economic stress at home or because they intentions were condemned by other nuclear powers) and now looks like that has been canceled.I hope that such conflict will never take place for the sake of our world and our civilization.

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    I really don't think Iran or anyone else in the region can take on Israel. They have 150 nukes, a solid military and a proven track record of being able to defend themselves even when all their neighbors attack together. Iran currently has largely defensive weapons, this hysteria over Iran is mostly propaganda spread by the pro Israeli lobby.

    Newsweek reported in 2004 that the CIA and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) have war gamed the likely consequences of a U.S. pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. No one liked the outcome. As an Air Force source put it, “The war games were unsuccessful at preventing the conflict from escalating.” Joseph Cirincione, from the Carnegie Endowment, said in 2006, “(A) military strike would be disastrous for the United States. It would rally the Iranian public around an otherwise unpopular regime, inflame anti-American anger around the Muslim world, and jeopardize the already fragile U.S. position in Iraq. And it would accelerate, not delay, the Iranian nuclear program.” The recently published US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) composed by 16 American intelligence agencies clearly counters the Bush Administration and Israeli assertions that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. It says that since 2003 Iran has not had any program to develop nuclear weapons and so does not currently pose any threat.

    If America was serious about peace in the middle east, perhaps a good place to start woudld be to stop the flow of arms to the region, recall many of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudis and entered the USA on a valid visa, yet they are going to get a **** load of weapons from the USA in the next few years.

    And finally, the Muslims want Israeli land back, that means land forces not nukes. That land is holy to them as it is to the Jews and Christians, they want to occupy it, not make it radioactive for a thousand years.

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    Isreal. They may not be powerful on the global scale, but in the middle east they are the strongest by a small margin. The casualties would be high (more so for Iran) but Israel would win due to the fact that their soldiers are almost as good as US soldiers, they have the backing of the US very much so, and they are technologically superior to the Iranians.

    If Israel had US supplies but not US soldiers:

    Israel would utilize the US supplies to send a naval fleet to the persian gulf. Iran and Israeli ships would fight but due to the advanced technology in the Israeli/ US ships the Iranian navy would eventuallly be defeated. Israel would invade Iran by sea but would have to defend itself from the new muslim enemies. The remaining middle east would see Israel at a weak point and would attack. The Israeli/US navy would claim control of the seas but not the land. They would capture key coastel areas around the middle east (kuwait, mecca, southern Iran.) They would then be forced to fight the surrounding countries armies head on. Each side would suffer thousands of casualties. The outnumbered Israelis would have much trouble holding their position. If Israel was pushed all the way back to Jerusalem then they would threaten the middle eastern countries with a nuclear strike. Most likely some countries would carry on the attack despite the possible reprucussions. Israel would be conquered but go out with a boom. The remaining countries still attacking Israel would probably be bombarded with Israels 100 nuclear bombs. The Middle East would go into chaos. The Jewish population in Israel in response to the nuclear strike would suffer genocide. The war would cause the deaths of millions of people and would be one of the darkest days in human history since world war 2. Islam and Judaism would lie in ruins. The middle eastern governments would experience revolutions and revolts due to the weakend government.

    That is what would happen in detail

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    If Iran sends over a nuke to Israel, it's all over. Iran will be a sheet of glass within hours.

    If a conflict is started on a more conventional basis, I think it would resemble the 1991 Gulf War. Israel has no intention or reason to occupy Iran. They would likely use ground forces as a diversion/secondary option, while bombing the hell out of the cities. Either way, I don't think Iran has a chance against Israel. Vegas odds 20-1

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    If there was an Israeli and Iran war, it would more than likely be the Israeli/American and Iran war. Iran probably wouldn't stand much of a chance on the conventional field of battle, but who knows. Besides, Iran stopped trying to make a nuclear bomb a few years back, or so I've read.

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    The Israelis will not invade Iran unless they are attacked. All they want is to live in peace but are beset by chaotic hateful people ruled by tyrants who despise them and wish they were exterminated.

    If Iran dared as much as throw a pebble Israel's way, what would happen is America, Britain, Australia, Canada, Denmark and a coalition of many other countries would invade Iran.

    The Muslim world can hate all they want. Hate seems to be the only thing they are good at. Whoever tries to exterminate Israel will in turn get obliterated.

    I think Ahmadenijad will be out of office soon enough. Bush will too but whoever dares attack Israel will be dead, regardless of who is President.

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    It will be a series of strikes that continue for at least 60 hours, probably more because of the need to wipe out their air assets and communications in advance of the actual strike packages designed to eliminate their underground operations.

    Get ready for some really big booms, because it is going to happen.

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    A war That Will Never happen

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