Taylor Swift??????

I'm a big fan, but there's so many songs out there that confuse me. There's her debut CD, Taylor Swift, and then there all these other songs that are not on it: "I'm Only Me When I'm With You", "I'd Lie", "Come in with the Rain", "I Heart Question Mark", "Permanent Marker", "Invisible", "You Don't Have to Call Me", "Umbrella", and all these other ones! Where are all these songs coming from????


And there's also one called "Irreplaceable" I think, and the list goes on...

Update 2:

And one called "Beautiful Eyes"

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    Her debut CD- Taylor Swift- has 11 songs

    Tim mcgraw

    Picture to burn

    Teardrops on my guitar

    A place in this world

    Cold as You

    The Outside

    Tied Together with a Smile

    Stay Beautiful

    Should've said No

    Mary's Song (Oh my my my)

    Our song

    Her deluxe CD/DVD has 3 new songs:

    I'm only me when I'm with you


    A perfectly good heart

    and the original 11 songs off the debut CD.

    other songs (such as I'd lie, Beautiful Eyes, Come in with the rain etc) are songs that she recorded for demos (Beautiful eyes) and some for songs that never made it on the album (I'd lie come in with the rain) and some songs that were just recorded maybe for promotion. Umbrella and Irreplacable are songs that she covered live, they're not hers. She doesn't record those. Most are for demos or promotions

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    Album called Taylor Swift (Re-Release of the 2006 album)

    1. Tim McGraw

    2. Picture To Burn

    3. Teardrops On My Guitar

    4. A Place In This World

    5. Cold As You

    6. The Outside

    7. Tied Together With A Smile

    8. Stay Beautiful

    9. Should've Said No

    10. Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

    11. Our Song

    12. I'm Only Me When I'm With You

    13. Invisible

    14. A Perfectly Good Heart

    15. Teardrops On My Guitar (pop radio mix)

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    some of those are on a bonus addition album such as im only me when im with you, and invisible. the others are new songs that will be on her up coming album thats why most of them are live and acustic. you can download them all on limewire but if you want good quality you just have to wait till fall when her new album comes out. also some are just cover songs from other artist which won't be on the album.

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    I like Taylor Rain better, but I guess thats just personal opinoin.

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    songs from as yet to be released albums

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    they are coming from the SWIFT mill

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    i better throw my vest on my chest

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